Pro-Trump Debbie Lesko Defeats Democrat for House Seat in Arizona

by James Buchanan

An article in the Daily Caller reports “Republican former state Sen. Debbie Lesko defeated Democratic candidate Hiral Tipirneni Tuesday in the special election to replace Trent Franks in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District…”

“Lesko will replace former GOP Rep. Trent Franks, who resigned in December over allegations of sexual misconduct.”

Another article notes “President Trump has endorsed border wall supporter Debbie Lesko to replace Rep. Trent Franks in a special election Tuesday for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District located northwest of Phoenix.”

“‘Arizona, please get out today and vote @DebbieLesko for Congress in #AZ08. Strong on Border, Immigration and Crime. Great on the Military. Time is ticking down – get out and VOTE today. We need Debbie in Congress!’ Trump tweeted shortly after his joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron.”

Virtually the entire (fake news) liberal media is parroting a talking point that Ms. Lesko didn’t win with as big a margin as Trump did during the presidential election. None of those liberal articles however mention how much money the Democrats spent compared to Ms. Lesko.

The liberal media also won’t tell you that activist judges on the state’s supreme court struck down a photo ID law for voting in Arizona. An ABC news article reports “Would-be voters in Arizona will not need to provide proof of citizenship before they register to vote, the Supreme Court said today.”

“The state must, the justices said in a 7-2 split on Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council, accept and use a federal form to register voters for federal elections. That form does not require citizens to prove citizenship. It simply requires that a person swear, under penalty of perjury, that he is a citizen.”

“Arizona had argued that requiring proof of citizenship would limit voter fraud, but civil rights organizations countered that it discriminated against immigrants.”

So a Mexican citizen, who broke U.S. law to enter this country illegally and who probably was carrying a backpack full of drugs when he crossed the border, which would be a felony drug smuggling crime, is being trusted not to lie to state voting officials.

The truth is that the Democrats stacked the deck and they still lost.

When the November election comes around, the Dems won’t be able to focus their money and vote fraud, like they can in a special election. Also, the economy which has added 2.2 million manufacturing jobs already thanks to Trump’s policies, will likely be in even better shape by then. We’re also likely to have at least 100 miles of Border Wall constructed by then, possibly a lot more if Trump diverts some discretionary Defense spending to build the wall.

White Americans want to stop Third World immigration into the U.S. and all the “racist” accusations and spinning by the liberal media won’t change this.

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