Black People Have a Much Higher Incidence of the MAO-A Violence Gene

by James Buchanan

The MAO-A gene and its strong connection to violence and criminal behavior should be assigned reading in every university in America, but it’s been consigned to a footnote in history. Even more significant is the much higher frequency of MAO-A genes among Black people.

One article notes “People with the low activity MAO-A gene (2R, 3R) are overall more prone to violence.”

“Specifically, when these people feel very provoked or socially isolated their aggression will come out…”

“Mice with low MAO-A are also more aggressive in general and are more likely to start turf wars.”

“People and mice with low MAO-A are more impulsive and aggressive.”

“People with low MAO-A who are abused as kids show more aggressive behaviour as an adult.”

“People with low MAO-A (3R) who ALSO have high testosterone, poor living standards and/or low IQ are more prone to violence.”

“So the perfect violence soup is low MAO-A, social isolation, high testosterone, being poor and having a low IQ.”

Blacks have an 85 point IQ on average. 68 percent of Blacks are born to single parent families and Blacks tend to be more poor. On top of all that Blacks are much more likely to have the MAO-A gene variants associated with violence.

The article continues “The Warrior Gene was found to be more or less prevalent in different groups.”

“The 3R version, which produces less MAO-A, was found in 59% of Black men, 56% of Maori men (an aboriginal New Zealand group), 54% of Chinese men and 34% of Caucasian men.”

“The 2R version, which produces the least MAO-A, is found in 5.5% of Black men, 0.1% of Caucasian men, and 0.00067% of Asian men.”

“Women are less likely to have these genes.”

If the truth were widely known about Blacks and the violence gene, then all the liberal complaints about police locking up more Blacks could be countered by the fact that many Blacks are naturally more inclined toward violence because of their genes.

Also, European nations that are being forced to take in millions of African and Muslim (economic) “refugees” could have avoided the plague of crimes and rapes that has come with these invaders if the universities and public schools had been honest about racial differences.

Sinister forces are at work trying to destroy the White race by suppressing the truth about racial differences and flooding our homelands with Third World people regardless of the burden caused by the lower IQ and more violent nature of these people.

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