The Hypocritical Liberal Media’s Stormy Daniels Obsession

by James Buchanan

For some odd reason, the Fake News liberal media thought that they could drive a wedge between Donald Trump and his supporters by exposing a possible affair with porn star Stormy Daniels (Stephanie Clifford). Never mind the fact that these same networks spent years white-washing Bill Clinton’s dirty underwear, telling us all that “consensual relationships” between the president and a woman besides his wife were nobody’s business.

Trump’s alleged affair took place in 2006. Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky took place in the Oval Office. I’m pretty sure that having sex in your office will get you fired at most American companies.

Most Americans however were not as concerned about Bill and Monica as they were with Bill’s sexual assaults on Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick. There’s a big difference between sexual assault and consensual sex although the liberal media tries to blur the line and ignore Bill Clinton’s victims.

Donald Trump was on his third marriage and he had a reputation for being a rich playboy so nobody thought they were electing a choir boy to the presidency.

There are several things that cast doubt on Stormy Daniels’ story: First of all Trump is a germaphobe and won’t shake hands with people so what are the odds, he would jump in the sack with a porn star and have unprotected sex with her as claimed here?

The strongest evidence of an affair is Miss Daniels’ ability to pass a lie detector test. Then again some sociopaths can beat a lie detector test and part of that lie detector test included Stormy’s claim that a condom was not used as noted here. Even assuming Trump would have an affair with this porn star, it’s very hard to believe he would risk fathering a child or risk picking up an incurable STD.

Many -if not most- porn stars probably become sociopaths in order to engage in that profession. It’s possible that Trump’s lawyer found out about Miss Daniels and her ability to pass a lie detector test and decided to pay her off, which might also explain why she took so little ($130k) in the middle of an election.

One interesting thing about the 60 Minutes interview was the strange state of Stormy’s eyes. An article on Real Clear quotes a tweet: “Can someone tell us what drug Stormy Daniels is on to make her pupils that dilated during this interview with CIA albino Anderson Cooper? Because it is dilating her eyes despite the bright lights being shined at her.”

Maybe Stormy has already spent the $130k and needed some more money for more drugs.

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