Trump Calls Jeff Sessions “Mr. Magoo”

by James Buchanan

It’s been over a month since the Devin Nunez memo on FISA-gate, and as usual Jeff Sessions has done absolutely nothing to prosecute any of the key offenders. None of the Deep State goons in the top level of the FBI have been called out for signing bogus FISA applications, and Hillary and Obama are no closer to being prosecuted for their roles in allowing the illegal surveillance of an opposition party during a presidential election.

Sessions made a feeble announcement that he would have the Inspector General look into the FISA warrants to spy on Trump, causing Trump to tweet out a harsh criticism of Sessions noting that the Inspector General has no prosecutorial power and is backlogged with other cases. It sounds like Sessions is more committed to making sure nothing ever gets done than actually prosecuting any of the crimes committed during the 2016 election.

An article from the Hill reports “President Trump refers to Attorney General Jeff Sessions as ‘Mr. Magoo,’ The Washington Post reported Wednesday.”

“Trump has been comparing his top law enforcement official to the bumbling cartoon character, an elderly man who lands in comic situations largely due to his severe near-sightedness.”

“The president has also been complaining to associates that he generally has hired the best lawyers for himself, but that as president he’s forced to use Sessions, who isn’t defending Trump to the best of his ability, according to the Post.”

Admittedly, this is an article from a liberal source, the Hill, but in this case, I hope it’s true because Trump needs to loose confidence with Jeff Sessions.

Let’s hope Trump’s patience with Mr. Magoo is wearing out. We’ve had over a year of bungling incompetence by the Attorney General during which the Justice Department was hijacked by the Deep State, and a witch hunt against Trump was initiated by Swamp Creatures at a time when the Swamp should have been drained.

Trump recently gave a speech at CPAC and the crowd was loudly chanting “Lock her up!” The American people want the Swamp drained and we want the law enforced equally especially when it comes to the multiple felon Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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