Black Woman Opens Fire in Theater Showing “Black Panther”

by James Buchanan

The movie Black Panther features a mythical Black kingdom, where an advanced Black society once existed. It’s all fantasy-based of course and you’d think that the swarms of Blacks going to the theater to see this would at least be into Black brotherhood and unity, right? Well, not so much.

An article from the Smoking Gun reports “A North Carolina woman is jailed on multiple felony charges after she allegedly opened fire in a movie theater during a dispute over assigned seats at a screening of “Black Panther,” according to police and court records.”

“Investigators allege that Shameka Latrice Lynch, 30, squabbled with other moviegoers around 11:45 PM Friday at a crowded AMC theater in Greenville.”

“During the dispute over seating arrangements for the Marvel superhero movie, Lynch allegedly pulled out a .32 caliber pistol and discharged the weapon inside the theater.”

“While the shooting resulted in no injuries, Lynch has been charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill…”

Well, it looks like Shameka isn’t going to be watching any new movies for a while.

Hard to imagine why she would open fire over a seat. Did she need space for a bucket of KFC or a large bag of McNuggets?

Most White people have enough sense not to go a movie that’s targeted for a Black audience, and this story should remind everyone why. Who knows how many incidents fall just short of actual gunfire? I don’t remember any gunfire with the last Star Wars movie.

Black people are predictable, and this shooting incident is much more typical and believable than the fantasy Black kingdom in the movie Black Panther.

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