British Health Care System Collapsing due to Non-White Burden

by Ian Mosley

The problem with welfare states in general and socialized medicine in particular is that it only works in all-White countries where the majority of the population is gainfully employed and paying the taxes that provide all the free services.

Liberals of course will claim that non-Whites are supporting the system, but 20 percent of a population gainfully employed does not make up for the 80 percent who aren’t. Also, the government may have artificially made those 20 percent gainfully employed by forcing businesses to hire Third World people in place of better-qualified Whites, kicking what-should-be productive White people on the pile of unemployed people.

Many nations in post-war Europe set up socialized medical systems. The United States had a ten percent Black population, and few White people in the 1950s wanted to pay for their health care with higher taxes. Millions of Americans got their medical care from health care programs that their employers provided. There was a strong resistance in the U.S. to socialized medical care, but thanks to liberal politicians eventually anyone, including illegal aliens could just walk into an emergency room and get free health care. The result was that many large hospitals near Black and Latino populations went bankrupt or required government support.

Europe especially in the last two decades has seen an increasing invasion by Muslims and Africans looking for free health care and any other hand outs that liberal governments in Europe were offering.

Naturally the White taxpayers were never asked if they wanted to take on the burden of limitless immigration from the Third World. That’s what the liberal elitists call a “democracy.”

A Daily Mail article reports “The NHS [National Health Service] has been left on its knees by uncontrolled migration from the EU, a leading cancer expert will warn tomorrow.”

(Meaning uncontrolled Third World migration passing through EU countries.)

“Professor Angus Dalgleish, the principal of the Cancer Vaccine Institute, says the NHS is being bled dry of resources by health tourists denied care at home. Cancer treatment can cost £200,000 and, under Brussels rules, Britain has to offer it to all EU nationals. Professor Dalgleish says this partly explains the NHS’s £3 billion deficit. He will also claim the Government has hindered progress into key disease areas by blindly adhering to EU directives.”

“‘Our membership of the EU is putting an intolerable strain on our NHS,’ Professor Dalgleish, a melanoma expert of global renown, will tell a conference. ‘The NHS is on its knees and could collapse completely. NHS Trusts were not prepared for the millions of EU migrants who have poured into Britain because the Government estimate was nowhere near the reality. GP services are collapsing under the huge number of people they are having to treat and this has led to less than 20 per cent of students wanting to become GPs.'”

Kind of like what has happened to the United States, with millions of illegal aliens using the emergency rooms as their primary health care provider and driving private healthcare costs through the roof. When Obama made a half-witted attempt at setting up a national health care system, the White population had dropped from 90% to 66%. The number of mostly low IQ Third World people in the U.S. had increased from 10 percent to 34 percent. The premiums were astronomically high for White taxpayers while loop holes were written into ObamaCare so that low-income or welfare Blacks and Latinos would get health care basically for free.

A sustainable health care system in the final analysis is neither a medical nor an economic issue. It is a racial issue. We’ll never get this problem solved until we have politicians who are honest about racial differences including how productive White people are compared to Third World people and the need to close the immigration door to the Third World.

One response to “British Health Care System Collapsing due to Non-White Burden

  1. As a side point, it’s entirely likely that there has been a deliberate attempt by ‘free market fanatic’ politicians in Britain to use mass immigration to DELIBERATELY destroy the NHS in order to have it replaced with a thoroughly privatized profitable healthcare system. Our political class is certainly psychotic and deranged enough to make this kind of lunatic ploy feasible.

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