McDonald’s: Home of the Black Mini-Riot

by James Buchanan

McDonald’s has gone out of its way to recruit Blacks as customers, and the result has been predictable. Black women, who didn’t get their McNuggets fast enough, blow up like Mount St. Helens. Blacks crawl across the counter to attack the staff. Fights among customers seem to be a regular occurrence.

An article in the Daily Mail reports the latest insanity: “”This is the shocking moment a violent mass brawl broke out between [Black] women at a McDonald’s in Michigan. Mobile phone footage shows at least 10 women trading blows at the restaurant as other customers watch in horror.”

I’m not so sure anyone is horrified anymore. There may be some apprehension that one of the large Black women might fall on their table and knock their food to the floor. What typically happens is that every Black person with a smart phone starts recording the melee and then puts it on Youtube or Instagram or Liveleak.

The article notes “During the 40-second clip, at least four women can be seen punching and kicking a woman in a red T-shirt. Behind them in a separate confrontation, two women appear to be pulling each other’s hair. They fall to the ground, where they continue to lash out at each other. Meanwhile, a few customers appear to be trying to break up the brawl, but with no success.”

“It is not known what caused the fight, which reportedly occurred in Berrien, Michigan, or if anyone was arrested. The footage was posted on LiveLeak this week and quickly went viral, racking up over 6,000 views”

This can’t be good for McDonald’s. No White person wants to stop by a fast food place that caters to Blacks and which actually invites these mini-riots. How much does each altercation cost to clean up? What’s the turnover of McDonald’s staff at these restaurants? How long until their new target demographic starts burning down their restaurants for no particular reason?

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