Ruth Bader Ginsburg Advocated Lowering the Age of Consent to 12

by James Buchanan

An article from CNS News reports “Given that homosexual advocates are in a full court press to lower the age of consent as low as it can go, and pro-pedophile sitting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s documented advocacy of lowering the age of consent to 12 years old, parents should be horrified…”

Ginsburg may have “changed” her opinion on this (or pretended to) by the time of her Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Several liberal websites of course deny that she supports pedophilia, but there’s a PDF file with quotes from some of her earlier writings, which you can see for yourself.

Our Congress is so fearful of appearing the tiniest bit anti-Semitic that they could probably have gotten John Podesta’s satanist friend, Marina Abramovic on the Supreme Court if this were the pre-Internet age.

Clearly politicians in Congress were afraid to point out Ginsburg’s past (because she was Jewish), which would have doomed a White candidate for the Supreme Court if he had an equally sleazy record.

Anyone familiar with the Jews should be able to tell you that they have always been pioneers in every field of moral degeneracy from the pornography industry to the homosexual rights movement to pedophilia to transsexual rights. Why are Jewish activist lawyers always advocating for such groups? Are Jewish lawyers soulless mercenaries? Do they instinctively support groups that conflict with Christianity? Or is sexual degeneracy so common among Jews that they want to decriminalize it to keep their relatives out of prison?

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