Trump’s First State of the Union Speech

by James Buchanan

This was probably one of the easiest State of Union addresses for a president ever. The economy has dramatically improved in the last year under President Trump. Decreased taxes and government regulations have spurred businesses all over America to expand their work force. The dismantling of the job-killing ObamaCare mandate has eliminated restrictions that caused many businesses to cap their work force at 50 employees or to put many of their workers on 29 hour work weeks.

Trump announced that unemployment was at an all-time low for Black Americans, but the Black Caucus apparently couldn’t care less. They weren’t even willing to give Trump some token applause for doing what they have never done for their constituents. Then again, the Democrats don’t want Black people to be working and independent; they want them to be on the big government hand out plantation, and any Black who becomes successful is in danger of being called an “Uncle Tom” by the liberal Democrat Blacks.

A Daily Mail article notes “The president and first lady are also welcoming Elizabeth Alvarado, Robert Mickens, Evelyn Rodriguez, and Freddy Cuevas – the parents of two young girls, Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas, who were murdered by MS-13.” These were two Black families, whose daughters were murdered by MS13 thugs on one of the girl’s 16th birthday. The Democrats always get very quiet when illegal aliens murder Black Americans. In the case of a White victim like Kate Steinle, Democrat jurors let the murderer off. The MS13 gang members, who shot the two Black teenage girls, were let in under one of Obama’s programs for unaccompanied illegal alien minors.

Trump did some obligatory kowtowing to Israel, which was possibly the only thing the Democrats applauded. Trump also pushed the idea of giving citizenship to Dreamers in exchange for ending chain migration and getting funding for a wall. Virtually all of Trump’s supporters oppose this Dreamer Amnesty deal regardless of what Trump might get in exchange.

Republicans should just take the “nuclear option” and quit trying to make deals with rat-faced Schumer to get 60 votes in the Senate. The Constitution says that only a majority is needed in the House and Senate to pass bills, which would enable Trump to get all the funding he needs for the border wall, and to change immigration law to stop chain migration and to create a Euro-centered immigration policy like we had before 1965 without having to give the Democrats anything.

Overall it was a great day for Trump, and the glum expressions on the faces of the Democrats (Nancy Pelosi even had a frown botoxed on her face) told the story of their frustration with Trump not only surviving all their slanders and non-stop attacks over the last year, but doing a great job and turning the economy around by getting big government off the backs of American businesses.

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