FISA Memo Cleared to Go Public and McCabe Abruptly Resigns

by James Buchanan

It was a busy day in politics as Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe resigned and the FISA Memo, which exposes the abuse of power that led to Barack Obama wiretapping the Trump campaign, has been cleared by a House Committee to be released to the public. Curiously the vote to release it went along party lines with every Democrat voting not to release it.

An article from KCRA-TV reports “Brushing aside opposition from the Department of Justice, Republicans on the House intelligence committee voted Monday to release a classified memo that purports to show improper use of surveillance by the FBI and the Justice Department in the Russia investigation.”

“The memo has become a political flashpoint, with President Donald Trump and many Republicans pushing for its release and suggesting that some in the Justice Department and FBI have conspired against the president.”

The liberal media has been furiously trying to spin the FISA Memo telling people that it’s not as damning against them as certain Congressmen, who have seen it, have said. If that were true and the FISA Memo is no big deal, then why don’t the Democrats want the public to see it so they can decide for themselves?

A Fox news article reports “Judge Jeanine Pirro said the likely contents of the ‘FISA memo’ purportedly detailing surveillance of Trump campaign officials describe what people expect ‘in a third world country.'”

Well, Obama’s father was from a Third World country, known for corruption, with an average IQ of 72.

The article continues “‘This is our government spying on political adversaries,’ Pirro said. ‘This is federal law enforcement officials obstructing justice.'”

“Pirro… said the memo’s contents ‘are what we would expect from a third world country, where a political party is using our justice system not only to surveil individuals, but to change the course of a presidential election.'”

Several legal experts have called this scandal far worse than Watergate. One Congressman who saw the FISA Memo said that people should be going to jail over this.

Perhaps, this explains the speedy exit from the FBI of Andrew McCabe, who has been described as a Deep State hack. It’s being reported that McCabe “resigned,” but anyone familiar with politics knows when it’s a case of “resign or be fired.” McCabe was reportedly escorted out of the building and not even allowed to enter his former office after the “resignation.” Most likely information on McCabe’s computer may prove useful for future prosecutions so McCabe wasn’t allowed to go near it.

There has been a considerable buzz in right-wing circles that Trump may read the FISA-Memo during his State of the Union address on January 30th. It’s curious that the House committee voted on releasing the FISA-Memo the day before as if to give Trump this option.

Many people are hoping Trump will do this so that he can speak directly to the American public and read the four page FISA Memo as part of his address. In any case, the clock is ticking down to one of the biggest political bombshells of all time that could potentially end the Mueller witch hunt of Trump and might even send Barack Obama to federal prison for abuse of power. We are living in interesting times.

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