California Liberals Want $1,000 Fine if a Waiter Offers you a Straw

by James Buchanan

California continues to turn into a Third World country, and no one in power seems interested in deporting MS13 gang members. Instead, showing defiance to President Trump by letting Kate Steinle’s killer off the hook is much more important. Illegal aliens are costing the state a net $21 billion per year, but Governor Moonbeam and the liberals are going after… waiters offering plastic straws.

An article from reports “Calderon, the Democratic majority leader in California’s lower house, has introduced a bill to stop sit-down restaurants from offering customers straws with their beverages unless they specifically request one. Under Calderon’s law, a waiter who serves a drink with an unrequested straw in it would face up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.”

I’m sure thousands of waiters won’t mind asking all their customers every day if each of them wants a straw.

“‘We need to create awareness around the issue of one-time use plastic straws and its detrimental effects on our landfills, waterways, and oceans,’ Calderon explained in a press release.”

This is the same exaggerated hysterical argument they used to ban plastic bags in the state, forcing people to buy bags or bring their own (filthy) cloth bags in place of getting free, clean plastic bags.

The article continues “This isn’t just Calderon’s crusade. The California cities of San Luis Obispo and Davis both passed straws-on-request laws last year, and Manhattan Beach maintains a prohibition on all disposable plastics. And up in Seattle, food service businesses won’t be allowed to offer plastic straws or utensils as of July.”

All those places are infested with lunatic liberals, who shouldn’t be trusted with a plastic spork.

“The Los Angeles Times has gotten behind the movement, endorsing straws-on-request policies in an editorial that also warned that “repetitive sucking may cause or exacerbate wrinkles on the lips or around the mouth.”

Can the L.A. Times be fined for repetitive sucking? No great surprise those morons would hop on the bandwagon.

This is how freedom dies. Brainless, nanny-state liberals get into positions of power and then start banning things based on whims. Liberals have no concept of leaving people alone or protecting the Bill of Rights. Often their efforts make life more and more oppressive as they dictate everything from when you can water your lawn to how many gallons your toilet can flush with to whether or not a waiter can give you a plastic straw without asking.

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