Any Dreamer Amnesty Can be Shot Down; Just like 2007 Bush-McCain Amnesty Bill

by James Buchanan

Almost on a weekly basis, we’re seeing news articles about Trump possibly making a deal to give Obama’s “Dreamers” an Amnesty, supposedly in exchange for money to build the wall.

What the hell is the point of building a wall if you give out an Amnesty to some massive number of “Dreamers” which will almost certainly expand from 800,000 to millions if not tens of millions?

We’ve seen these Amnesty deals before, and every one of them turns into a disaster. The 1986 Amnesty, that Reagan was fooled into signing, turned California into a permanently Democrat state as millions of people eventually applied for that Amnesty, not to mention millions of additional illegals flooded in, hoping to get yet another Amnesty in the future.

Much to the annoyance of everyone, who voted for Trump to deport the millions of illegals, Trump is suddenly talking about letting Dreamers stay in the U.S. If Trump does make this mistake, he could find himself following in the footsteps of one-term-president and failure George H.W. Bush and his “Read my lips: No New Taxes –Oh wait, I’ve decided to do a 180 and raise taxes. I hope no one notices.”

The only good thing about this very upsetting infidelity by Trump is that we’ve had to deal with a Republican president before who was wobbly on illegal immigration, namely George W. Bush. Remember when John McCain was pushing for an Amnesty Bill in 2007, and George W. Bush was all set to sign it since “Dubya” thought the future of the Republican Party depends on wooing over Latinos, who have voted as high as 80 percent for the Democrats in past elections. The rest of conservative America saw an Amnesty as a fatal mistake that would give the balance of power permanently to the Democrats, just as they’ve gotten a permanent majority in California thanks to waves of illegal aliens changing the demographics in that state.

The good news is that the 2007 Amnesty Bill was shot down by Republicans in the House of Representatives. So if Trump does agree to some deal with the Democrats in exchange for 800,000 illegal alien Dreamers getting citizenship, you can call up your Congressman and scream at him to vote against any Dreamer Amnesty.

Those 800,000 “Dreamers” did not come to the U.S. legally. They have no right to be here, and if they’re allowed to stay, they’ll be stealing jobs from American citizens, who should not be made to suffer just because Obama gave these illegal aliens a sympathetic-sounding nickname.

And for the record, only 0.1 percent of all Dreamers served in the U.S. military as if non-citizens, who may not be fluent in English should be allowed to be combat soldiers!! Each Dreamer, who went through 12 years of public schools cost taxpayers as much as $250,000 in education costs, which we’ll never get back. Many Dreamers grow up to be MS13 gang members, thugs and criminals as noted here.

Trump needs to decide which is more important: Keeping his promise to send all the illegal aliens back as he said repeatedly on the campaign trail or virtue-signaling to the liberal media and Democrats by supporting the Dreamers and giving the Democrats at least 800,000 more voters.

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