Politically Correct Feminist Star Wars Movie Crashing

by Jeff Davis

Remember the first Star Wars movie. It had the wise old Obiwan Kenobi, the young idealistic Luke Skywalker and the roguish Han Solo, who were all working together to rescue Pricess Leia and to defeat the dark side of the Force.

Well, we can’t have heroic White men rescuing a princess in 2018. The movie industry is always pushing political correctness even if it costs them money, and the latest Star Wars movie looks like it’s going to be a pretty big disappointment.

This latest politically correct feminist installment of Star Wars is sinking into the swamp mud faster than Luke Skywalker’s space ship on Dagobah, and Yoda isn’t around to pull it out of the mud. The Force is not with it.

An article from showbiz411 reports “Not a great day in the history of Star Wars. After three weeks in release, The Last Jedi finished third on Friday night. It made $6.5 million, roughly half of what the number 1 film took in.”

“That film was Insidious: The Last Key, the fourth installment of a horror series from Jason Blum’s staggeringly successful Blumhouse. Last Key made $12.7 million. And that’s with a cast of unknown actors, nary a star among them. Insidious was a big budget movie for Blumhouse, too. The price was $10 million. Usually their films are budgeted at $5 million. Maybe now they’re feeding the actors!”

“Number 2 last night was “Jumanji” with $10.8 million on its 17th day of release.”

You notice how Hollywood is having a real problem coming up with anything original? It’s all re-boots of earlier successes, or sequels, or prequels, mostly re-worked into politically correct forms to more or less erase White male characters from the narrative and replace them with Black men or independent women.

Long story short, people are getting tired of these constant re-boots of classic movies with all the original White male stars replaced. The movie industry can shove political correctness into old franchises, but there’s no guarantee people will still keep showing up to watch them and the latest Star Wars movie is proof.

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