McDonald’s in Brazil Riddled with Gunfire

by Jeff Davis

The affinity of Black people for trashing McDonalds’ restaurants is apparently a world-wide thing. This is from Brazil.

The Daily Mail reports “A gang of drug traffickers machine-gunned a McDonald’s after their demand for 40 free burgers with fries and soft drinks was turned down. Terrified customers – including some with young children – were seen hiding under tables and crouching down behind the counter at the fast food store in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro as they came under attack.”

Life is so cheap in Black parts of Brazil that not getting a free meal of junk food for your pack of homies is a good enough reason to riddle a restaurant with gunfire.

The article goes on “One of the bandits was filmed telling a McDonald’s manager what he wanted – before a suspected accomplice repeated his request for free food when his partner-in-crime was turned away. A violent gang returned 10 minutes later with machine guns and started firing indiscriminately at the premises in Bonsucesso, north Rio.”

“Police say they have already identified one of the suspected shooters – the man wearing a white T-shirt and black baseball cap in the footage – as drug dealer Michael Faria de Souza, 23, from the shanty town of Morro do Adeus. Two other men suspected of taking part in the attack are also facing charges.”

“Police chief Wellington Soares said: ‘The other two men were not recognised by witnesses, but they are going to face the same charge of attempted murder as the the drugs trafficker who controls the sale of drugs in Morro do Adeus.'”

Brazil has a very large Black population left over from the days of plantation-grown crops and slavery. Needless to say, the Blacks in Brazil cause many of the same problems that the Ghetto Blacks in America do.

The article notes “The windows of the McDonald’s were left riddled with bullet holes but miraculously no-one was injured.”

“Morro do Adeus is one of more than a dozen shanty towns or favelas that form the Alemao complex – a huge network of neighbourhoods clustered on rolling hills in northern Rio with a population thought to be between 60,000 and 120,000.”

Interesting that they don’t even know how many Blacks are in these slums except that it’s too many.

I feel sorry for the people eating at that McDonalds and the people working there. You should not have to risk your life and duck a burst of gunfire going out to eat, but that’s what happens when young Black men are allowed to run wild and law and order begins to break down as a result.

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