All I Want for Christmas is a Prosecution of Hillary Rodham Clinton

by James Buchanan

The first year of Trump’s time as president has been largely hamstrung by a Deep State witch hunt. And the witch hunt is still continuing even months after finding out that the fake “Dossier” that the investigation was based on was paid for by the DNC.

We didn’t elect Trump just to watch the Deep State hijack the Justice Department so they could attempt a judicial coup, which apparently will never end. We elected Trump to Drain the Swamp, and that means prosecuting Hillary for her vast multitude of crimes.

An article by Roger Stone reports “President Trump can, and must, kill two birds with one Stone.”

“First, the president must completely disempower and dismantle Robert S. Mueller’s fraudulent rogue prosecution gang, which is merely an extension of a larger corruption of power that is unparalleled in our history.”

“Second, the president must use every resource at his disposal to prosecute the almost-seditious abuses of power by lawless Clinton-Obama FBI and NSA apparatchiks who:”

“1) Politically weaponized the federal government’s electronic intelligence capabilities to spy on a presidential candidate and his campaign,”

“2) Colluded with foreign and non-state intelligence agents to manufacture evidence used as false pretexts for securing Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) warrants(s) that employed the national security laws of the United States to give illicit, illegal cover to this political espionage,”

“3) Used the fruits of this political espionage activity to damage or otherwise hinder this candidate after he had become president-elect and eventually president of the United States through surreptitious releases of the criminally-procured information,”

“4) Fabricated and instigated false allegations about foreign state collusion implicating the president’s election campaign and family members, and”

“5) Perpetuated this massive criminal fraud on the American people for nearly a full year by manipulating and abusing the investigatory and prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice.”

“To this end, President Trump must begin at the intersection of these seditious current and former federal officials who had previously facilitated and covered up a similarly-breathtaking criminal fraud on the country during the previous presidential administration, to include the previous president.”

“The president must order his attorney general to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Obama-Clinton-Mueller-Rosenstein criminal collusion that enriched the Clinton-Democrat crime syndicate by hundreds of millions of dollars and further embedded the power of the deep state operators who facilitated the multi-billion-dollar Uranium One pay-to-play scam.”

It’s high time Donald Trump decides to stop being a punching bag for Deep State hacks, who have hijacked the Justice Department. Trump owes his millions of voters for his victory and one of the biggest things we want is for Trump to “Lock her up!”

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