Cannibalism and Voodoo: On the Rise in the New South Africa

by Ian Mosley

Remember when South Africa was run by White people. Crime was under control. Modern cities patterned after those in Europe rose up. Five million industrious White people mostly of Dutch and English ancestry built a paradise on the dark continent.

And then pressure from White liberals all over the world was brought to bear on South Africa. The liberals demanded that White people surrender their civilization to African majority rule. The liberals “just knew” that nothing bad would happen. That Third World corruption and an African blood lust would not destroy what the White man had built.

Needless to say, things are going to hell in South Africa. Murders of White farmers are steadily climbing as noted here. You’d think the Blacks would at least leave alone the White people, who are keeping them from starving, but as in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe the Blacks seem determined to keep attacking White farmers until they’re all dead or flee for their lives. Meanwhile, the population of sub-Saharan Africa has skyrocketed to 900 million people with an average IQ of about 70 points.

Apparently a looming famine isn’t the only bad news. A recent news article reports “A community meeting following the arrest of four Estcourt (Natal, South Africa) men for allegedly killing a person and eating human flesh saw hundreds of residents allegedly confess to having eaten human body parts procured from one of the accused.”

“The four men, Nino Mbatha (32), Sthembiso Sithole (31), Lindokuhle Masondo (32) and Lungisani Magubane (30), appeared in the Estcourt Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of murder and conspiracy.”

“This after one of the four men allegedly walked into the Estcourt police station on Friday, holding human body parts and confessed to being ‘tired of eating human flesh’. When he was questioned, he produced part of a human leg and a hand. Further investigation led police to a house in the Rensburgdrift area in Estcourt where they were met with a foul smell, and more human remains were found.”

“KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Colonel Thembeka Mbhele said on Friday that one of the accused, also an nyanga (traditional healer), was arrested in Amangwe area where more body parts were found.”

Actually, nyanga means witch doctor.

“It has been alleged that the men raped, killed and cut up the body of a woman, which they then consumed. Hundreds of outraged Estcourt locals gathered outside the magistrate’s court on Monday morning, armed with cameras and cellphones in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the four men. With police guarding the entrance to the court, residents were warned to stay back as the men were loaded into a police van after their court appearance and taken into police custody until their formal bail application on August 28.”

“Later, ward councillor Mthembeni Majola, who held a meeting at the Esigodlweni community hall on Monday morning, said that around 300 residents had confessed to visiting Mbatha, an nyanga, and knowingly eating human flesh that he gave to them. He said that there were around 700 people at the meeting where about 300 residents confessed to allegedly knowing Mbatha had human flesh and allegedly confessed to eating it.”

Witchdoctors and voodoo are taken very seriously in Africa to this day. One website notes “It’s a dirty little secret in South Africa, one that as of 2010, is a problem once again on the rise. Called “muti murders” or “medicine murders” (sometimes termed “ritual murder” or muthi-murder), it takes its name from the Zulu word “muti”, the term for traditional black magic medicines that utilize human body parts and flesh as critical ingredients in order to produce supposedly miraculous medicinal effects. The phenomenon is widely acknowledged to occur in southern Africa where it is estimated that from 50%-90% of the population believe in black magic and witchcraft. Body parts from dead corpses work fine for their purposes but the best muti medicine ingredients are taken from body parts that are harvested while the victim is still alive. The Limpopo province alone once recorded 250 muti-murders in a single year.”

South Africa used to be “the Beloved Country” in literature. Now it’s just another African tar pit of savagery, filth, and crime –the glories of Black rule. We can see the descent to anarchy beginning here in this country in cities like Detroit, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Detroit had two million people in the 1950s. Today it is a disaster area with a population shrunk to only 700,000, which is 84 percent Black. Police take two hours to respond to a call, and abandoned factories and office buildings bear witness to a city which became too dangerous for White people to live in or even work in.

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