The Puma-Bomber: Cat Lady Sends Bombs to Texas Governor and Obama

by James Buchanan

A cat lady has been charged with mailing bombs to the governor of Texas, Barack Obama and the Social Security Department in 2016. The Texas governor actually opened the package sent to him and could have been killed or seriously injured if he had opened the package from the other end.

A Fox News article reports “A Texas woman built at least three bombs using a cellphone, a cigarette box and a salad dressing cap, and sent them to former President Barack Obama and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, prosecutors said.”

“Julia Poff, 46, mailed the improvised explosives in October 2016 to Obama and Abbott, and a third one to the Social Security Administration offices in Washington, D.C.”

“Of the three packages, only Abbott opened his. It did not detonate because “he did not open it as designed,” court documents said.”

“A grand jury indicted the woman this month on six counts, including mailing injurious articles and transporting explosives with the intent to kill and injure, according to documents filed this week in a district court in Houston.”

“At a Nov. 17 detention hearing, a federal agent testified that Poff sent Obama the bomb because she just didn’t like the former president…”

“According to court documents, investigators traced the package sent to Obama back to Poff because of a cat hair found under an address label.”

I’m a little astonished that there was no mention of a bomb being mailed to Obama in 2016. Perhaps, the authorities didn’t want to tip off the culprit, or perhaps a president in his last year in office is seen as such an unimportant “lame duck” that it wasn’t worth mentioning at the time.

The governor of Texas, who was targeted, was a Republican, so this woman was an “equal opportunity assassin” or an obvious nutcase so that tends to make the story less interesting.

Still, this could be the first cat lady attempted assassin in history so at least it’s notable from that angle.

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