Frau Merkel’s Career Is Swirling around the Drain

by James Buchanan

It looks like Frau Merkel’s long treasonous career may soon be coming to an end. After the latest elections in Germany, Merkel has been finding it impossible to form a ruling coalition, which signals a plunging confidence in her leadership.

Ordinary White people in Germany want the Third World invasion of their homeland stopped, and Angela Merkel has always come out supporting MORE Third World immigration. There was a rape epidemic in Cologne on January 1st, 2016 as noted here when Muslims groped and sexually assaulted hundreds of German women and girls, who tried to come out to celebrate the new year.

The rape problem has only gotten worse, and the only advice the liberal politicians are giving is that European women should start wearing hijabs —to hide their beauty so that the Muslim “rapefugees” don’t attack them.

A mass demonstration in Poland recently had 60,000 mostly young people protesting the migrant invasion of Europe and to show their opposition. There would probably be equally big anti-migrant rallies in Germany if the Merkel police state didn’t oppress free speech so much.

An AFP article reports “The far-right Alternative for Germany party sees Chancellor Angela Merkel’s struggle to form a new government as proof of its growing power to upend the country’s political order, a top party official told AFP.”

“Parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland said in an interview that the current turmoil showed that the four-year-old AfD had succeeded in its primary goal in September’s general election.”

“‘It’s all downhill for Merkel now and that is partly our achievement,’ Gauland said…”

“‘Her time is up — we want her to leave the political stage.'”

“The AfD campaigned on the slogan ‘Merkel must go’, railing against her decision to let in more than one million mainly Muslim asylum seekers since 2015.”

White people are still waking up to the Third World immigration problem. In America, which has suffered illegal immigration for decades, Donald Trump was elected to keep the U.S. from turning into northern Mexico.

People in Europe don’t have the same magnitude problem as the U.S. yet, but their cities are looking more and more like the slums of Benghazi and Mogadishu. Europeans need to start voting out old corrupt political hacks now, and they can never tolerate an outright race-traitor like Merkel in a position of power ever again.

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