Stormfront’s Don Black Finally Gets Access to his Domain Name

by James Buchanan

After being denied access to his website for over a month by his former domain host, Network Solutions, Don Black has finally gotten access to Stormfront and should have it back up and accessible to the general public in about a week with a new domain host.

In a recent statement, Don Black has said “Network Solutions finally unlocked our domain yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, after I emailed their lawyer complaining about the delay.”

“Now there’s a new delay. I haven’t transferred any domains in many years, but now it’s more complicated, most of it reasonable to prevent domain hijacking.”

“Not so reasonable, though, is an apparently routine five to seven-day delay. Network Solutions’ auto-generated messages imploring me to stay and giving me until October 1 to change my mind is particularly ludicrous.”

“I’ll try to accelerate all that today, but at least the process has begun.”

So basically, Stormfront should be back up in about a week and accessible via its traditional website address.

The Left in America has been increasingly resorting to new underhanded tactics to shut down free speech for people on the Right. Barack Obama in October of 2016 changed the way that website names were controlled so that the domain host could theoretically steal someone’s domain name.

Theory became reality on August 25th when Network Solutions decided to censor free speech by stealing Don Black’s website: Their excuse for doing this was that they received a letter from a left-wing activist law firm accusing Stormfront of violating its terms of service and they parroted a claim by the SPLC that blamed Stormfront for the 77 murders committed by Anders Breivik in Norway plus crimes by a number of other people, whom the SPLC alleged had been Stormfront members.

It was completely ignored that Stormfront has NEVER tolerated anyone advocating violence on their website, so there’s no credible way to connect violent acts with Stormfront even if it were proven that certain violent people had been Stormfront members. The SPLC claim that Stormfront is the “murder capital of the Internet” is nothing more than a Big Lie.

Many of these tech companies that provide Internet services are infested with Social Justice Warriors who are all too happy to deny free speech to the Right on the flimsiest of pretexts, especially any White Nationalists, who dare to stand up for the White race, which is the greatest of all sins in the minds of the liberals.

Network Solutions’ 6.6 million customers should be more than a little nervous that their websites might be stolen from them and that their businesses might be cut off from the Internet for over a month if the Social Justice Warriors running that company might not like whatever products their companies are selling or whatever political opinions their CEOs might have.

Hopefully, Don Black will sue Network Solutions for taking his website off the Internet. It’s absolutely outrageous that a website that has always advocated peaceful political change could be smeared as the “murder capital of the Internet” and shut down by left-wing activists and complicit individuals at a website hosting business.

Network Solutions not only took down Black’s website, they held it “hostage” for over a month. Network Solutions was not only failing to provide Internet service as they were contractually obliged to do, they deliberately prevented Don Black from having access to his domain name so that he could move to a new host.

Considering that Stormfront had been hosted by Network Solutions for over 20 years, it is truly outrageous that they would pull this with no warning and that they failed to give Black a grace period to move to a new host. Their actions were clearly malicious, unwarranted and deliberately intended to harm Stormfront and cost it web traffic and donations. Considering how important it is for millions of businesses to maintain an Internet presence, Don Black should have an excellent chance of obtaining a large punitive judgment against Network Solutions so that they never pull this sort of outrageous action again against any other long-established, legitimate website.

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