NFL Protests Exposing Black Animosity and Waking Up Whites

by James Buchanan

You’d think that Blacks in the NFL getting paid obscene amounts of money, who can buy luxurious mansions, Mercedes sedans and pretty much anything else they want, would have at least a tiny amount of gratitude for the nation that gave them the opportunity to become wealthy, famous athletes, but apparently “no.”

Apparently, they want to pretend that there is horrible oppression against Black people in America even though their existence as millionaire football players is proof of the opposite.

And what exactly is the horrible oppression that is holding them down? What precisely are these overpaid ingrates protesting?

Are Blacks being wrongfully barred from college? No. In fact colleges and universities in America discriminate against White and Asian applicants so that they can let in more Blacks and Latinos. Even a bird-brained imbecile like Barack Obama was able to get into Harvard, where he got the lowest grades in their history as noted here.

Are Blacks being banned from jobs because of their race? No. On the contrary, if you managed to have the most minimal qualifications (and sometimes employers will even lower those for you) and if you have some Black ancestry, then you’ll probably beat out White and Asian job applicants who are a whole lot smarter than you. If you dare to ask: “Is this fair to the Whites and Asians, who get shut out of jobs, that they were the most qualified for?” Your answer from the mainstream media will likely be “Shut up, you racist!”

Are Blacks being allowed to starve in America? One news article notes “Black Americans make up 32% of welfare recipients, even though they comprise a mere 12% of the US population.” I doubt if any other nation in the world has so many millions of people of one particular ethnicity on welfare with the taxes for that welfare (and food stamps and Section 8 housing) being primarily taken away from another ethnic group.

And finally, are Blacks being abused by racist police in America? This of course is the theme of the Black Lives Matter movement and is probably the real reason behind the disrespectful kneeling during the National Anthem. If you listen to the liberal media, you would probably have that impression. The media however never focuses on the issue of whether Blacks are committing more crimes than other races and therefore are much more likely to have encounters with police.

An article in the Daily Caller reports “Of the murders committed in New York City in 2014, 61.8 percent of those arrested were black, 31.8 percent were Hispanic, 2.9 percent were white, and 2.7 percent of homicide arrests were Asian.”

“Hispanics were arrested for 45.8 percent of rapes in NYC in 2014, black people were arrested for 43.2 percent of them, white people were arrested for 5.7 percent for rapes, and 5.1 percent of Asians were.”

“New York City in 2014 was 42.6 percent white, 29 percent Hispanic, 24.5 percent black, and 13.8 percent Asian.”

There are studies that show that crime victim reports describing their assailants agree closely with government statistics on the races of people convicted for those crimes.

Blacks also have a much greater likelihood of resisting arrest and fighting with police, which is the most important factor in whether or not a police officer shoots you.

So the claims by the Black Lives Matter movement that Blacks are being unfairly shot by police are rooted in ignorance.

If more Americans were willing to speak out on “Race Realism” –the fact that races have different IQs and different crime rates which are rooted in genetics, then it would be no great surprise that the Blacks with their average IQ of 85 points and their much higher crime rate would naturally lead to more confrontations with police and more police shootings of Blacks.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media and our gutless politicians don’t want to admit that the races are different and politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton benefit from stirring up racial hatred among the Blacks and building up resentment against White police officers and White people in general.

What the Blacks don’t understand is that their arrogant insertion of Black Lives Matter radicalism into America’s favorite sport is waking up millions of White Americans to the fact that Blacks will always be resentful, hostile ingrates and that it was a mistake to try to create a society that forced together highly civilized Whites and seriously backward and violent Third World minorities.

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