West Virginia Woman Raped by Lyft Driver/African Immigrant

by Jeff Davis

Many of us have tried to wake people up to the fact that certain races have much higher violent crime rates. We’ve been saying that Blacks and Muslims are much more likely to commit rapes and that Blacks commit about half the murders in the U.S. even though they’re just 14 percent of the population.

Thankfully “race realism” is making progress on the Internet, and the election of Trump owed much to the fact that most White people realize that Third World immigrants are making America worse. Liberal politicians have let tens of millions of Third World people into the U.S. since 1965 and we need to wake up as many White people as possible before we lose the demographic war and all of the U.S. becomes a dysfunctional, overpopulated crap hole with runaway crime just like California.

An article from WDTV news reports “Authorities have arrested a [Black African immigrant] Lyft driver on charges of sexual assault.”

“According to a press release from the Monongalia County [West Virginia] Sheriff’s Office, 37-year-old Ademola Ajibade was hired by a 24-year-old woman in the Morgantown area on September 16, 2017. While the suspect was driving the victim home, he allegedly stopped at a location in Monongalia County and sexually assaulted the victim…”

“Ajibade is charged with 2nd-degree sexual assault. His bond was set at $75,000. As of Thursday morning, the suspect had not yet posted bond, and remained in the North Central Regional Jail. The Morgantown Police Department and The Monongalia County Sheriffs Department handled the investigation.”

And that’s it. That’s all we will ever likely hear of this case. It will fall out of the news cycle (not like it was ever in -MSNBC and CNN never focus on stories like this one). It will just quietly drop out of sight. No massive media focus like the Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin incidents.

The victim may not want to go through the ordeal of a trial, which could let this Black rapist off completely. Liberal authorities in many states bend over backwards to plea serious crimes by Blacks and Latinos down to misdemeanors. Even if he’s convicted, Ademola Ajibade will likely go to jail for at most a few years -at our expense of course, and then as a convicted felon, he will likely become unemployable and then become a life-long welfare parasite. And he’ll probably rape some other American women after he gets out because that’s just his nature.

I don’t get angry at these Third World criminals when I read stories like this anymore. I only get mad at the brain-dead White liberals, who are constantly trying to “virtue signal” by demanding open borders and by supporting “sanctuary cities” and importing more Third World people who will never assimilate and who are much more likely to be parasites and/or criminals like Mr. Ajibade.

These liberals are responsible for this poor woman being raped because the policies they support led to Ajibade being let into the United States. We need to point the finger of guilt at liberals whenever some innocent American is raped, murdered or otherwise victimized by one of their precious Third World pets.

Liberals like to think they are “good people” and morally superior to White people, who want to close the immigration door to the Third World. We need to hammer the point that liberals are mentally ill sociopaths, who are letting in dangerous Third World criminals. It takes courage to face the truth, and liberals are sniveling cowards, who won’t admit the truth about racial differences and who are willing to let innocent people suffer and some people die for the sake of their racial equality delusion.

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