What Is the Correct Average IQ for American Blacks?

by James Buchanan

For many decades, the average IQ for American Blacks was said to be 85. The average IQ of Blacks in Africa however is about 70 with several African nations averaging in the 60s.

While it’s true that the American Black population is actually racially-mixed or “colored,” the percentage of White genes in the Black population is only about 25 percent. In order to raise the Blacks up from an average IQ of 70 for pure Africans to 85 points, given that the White average is 100 and assuming the average IQ of a group is linearly related to their racial make up, the percent of racial admixture would have to be 50 percent for the colored population to have an 85 point IQ, which is not the case.

One source notes “When (Charles) Murray analyzed trends on the Woodcock-Johnson test, he found that Black men born from 1925 to 1927 averaged 7.5 IQ points less than those born in later years…”

The Blacks born from 1925 to 1927 would have been subject to the military draft in 1944 and 1945 when the US Army did an exhaustive study of Black IQ. Other studies of American Black IQ had failed to include large numbers of Blacks in the rural South, who were included in the Army testing.

The article continues “Murray’s results suggested the hypothesis that the Black-White IQ gap in the US is actually 22 points, not 15, a possibility supported by data from World War II military samples. The Black-White difference on the Army General Classification Test (AGCT) for 1944-1945 inductions was 1.52 SDs (standard deviations). As Murray noted, the military testing during World War II was probably the most representative sampling of African American IQ ever undertaken. It was more inclusive than that conducted during World War I, which had excluded most of the 70% of African Americans who still lived in the rural South and were unschooled or very poorly schooled. This segment of the overall U.S. Black population, which had a lower mean IQ, was also underrepresented in the studies collated and analyzed by Shuey.”

An American Black average IQ of 78 would make sense given the racial admixture of the Black population in America. If pure Africans have an average IQ of 70, and Whites have an average IQ of 100, then a racially mixed “colored” population that is 75% African and 25% White should have an average IQ of 77.5.

The U.S. government has wasted hundreds of billions of dollars trying to raise up the Blacks through better education. White home-owners have been mercilessly taxed to provide 12 years of public school education for Blacks even though they were learning little beyond grade three. Blacks were brought to the U.S. to pick cotton as slave labor, not to be engineers and doctors.

Politicians from both political parties are afraid of losing the Black vote if they tell the truth about racial differences in IQ so we will likely continue to squander billions of dollars trying to educate Blacks to the same level as Whites.

Thanks to the Internet, the truth about racial IQ differences is finally beginning to reach a broader audience. Popular Internet celebrity Stefan Molyneux has talked in detail about the facts of racial reality, interviewing some of the great authors in this field like Charles Murray.

The truth about racial differences can’t be suppressed and kept from the public forever, especially in the age of the Internet. Most White Americans, who have any familiarity with ordinary ghetto Blacks, are extremely skeptical about the liberal claim that all the races are intellectually equal. What’s wrong with our society accepting the truth about racial differences and then finally stopping wrong-headed, anti-White programs like Affirmative Action and racial quotas?

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