Tomi Lahren Moves to Fox News

by James Buchanan

During the 2016 election, most Americans probably expected Fox News to support Donald Trump since they claim to be the conservative network, but only Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson were supportive while the arrogant Bill O’Reilly tended to be borderline hostile, and of course Megyn Kelly was openly hostile toward Trump. Since the election, Bill O’Reilly has been pushed out of Fox after a second series of sexual harassment allegations were made against him. Megyn of course was fired to the joy of most Fox viewers.

One question that came up after the Megyn Kelly controversy was: Why doesn’t Fox News hire one of the talented young White women, who believe in conservative values, who oppose illegal immigration and who would be a much better “fit” with most Trump supporters? Well, it looks like that’s finally happened as Fox has just hired Tomi Lahren as a contributor.

An article on USA Today reports “Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren will join Fox News as a contributor, primarily offering her opinions on Sean Hannity’s prime time show Hannity.”

“The cable network announced the hire on Wednesday, saying Lahren will have a ‘signature role on an FNC digital product currently in development and will also offer political commentary to the network’s opinion programming.'”

“She’ll start her tenure Wednesday night with an appearance on Hannity.”

Given the non-stop smear campaign being waged against President Trump by Anderson Poofter on CNN and Richard Maddow on MSNBC, it is long overdue that Fox adds another real conservative, and not another moderate with his finger constantly in the wind like O’Reilly or an airhead, not-so-closeted liberal like Megyn Kelly.

Admittedly Fox is still “controlled” news, which will never tell Americans the whole truth, but at least it got a little less dishonest and a little more supportive of Trump, who has been battling an insane amount of opposition, which shows no signs of abating.

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