Looting after Hurricane Harvey in Houston

by James Buchanan

People in Texas have the right to shoot people who are looting or stealing things at night as noted here. Shooting looters in the daytime however is a bit more legally complicated, which might explain why some looters are looting in broad daylight.

An article from The Hill reports “Fourteen people in the Houston area have been arrested on looting charges over the past 48 hours as Hurricane Harvey floods the region.”

“If convicted, the defendants will face steeper punishments since the acts were committed during a crisis, according to a prosecutor’s statement provided to NBC News.”

“The offenders, who were arrested by the Houston Police Department and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly looting residential and commercial properties during and after Harvey, will be subject to a Texas law that mandates increased punishments for crimes committed in a disaster area, the statement said.”

One liberal writer tried to make excuses for the looters saying that they were just looking for a loaf of bread. Those two Black kids in the top picture appeared to be carrying big-screen TVs, not loaves of bread.

Overall looting seems to be considerably less in Houston, Texas compared to the looting after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans probably because Texas law allows people to defend their property.

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