Don Black Responds to Stormfront being Taken Down

Imagine having an Internet business, and your domain host for the last 22 years suddenly decides to take your website down based on a false complaint. Well, then you’d have an appreciation for what just happened to Don Black, the owner of the website, Stormfront.

An article on the Kansas City Star reports “Stormfront — the country’s oldest white supremacist website — was taken down Friday night, making it the second such site in two weeks to be forced offline. It was taken down by its website host, Network Solutions, and the domain was officially put on hold.”

“’It was a total surprise,’ said Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader. ‘They didn’t notify me. They didn’t send anything. They just did it.'”

“’I think it’s criminal theft. I’m talking to lawyers right now.’”

“Black, of West Palm Beach, Fla., said Network Solutions put the domain name under a ‘legal lock.’”

“’I can’t do anything with it,’ he told The Star. ‘I can’t even try to transfer the domain right now. They’re claiming the right to just delete it or give it to someone else, which is ludicrous…'”

Millions of businesses trust their website host to keep their websites up and functioning in exchange for a monthly fee. The failure to do this is the equivalent of a breach of a business contract and should open Network Solutions up for a lawsuit.

The excuse for taking down Stormfront is that a left-wing activist law firm claimed that Stormfront was violating their terms of service and was advocating violence and hate.

Jewish and left-wing organizations have repeatedly accused their enemies of promoting hate, which carries zero legal importance in the United States unless there was a prohibition in the original terms of service. It’s a good bet that Network Solutions did not have a “hatred clause” when Stormfront was started 22 years ago.

Stormfront has also had a policy of deleting any posts that advocate violence. (The Daily Stormer also had a no violence policy by the way.)

Most likely, the company Network Solutions hired some Social Justice Warriors over the last 22 years who consider it more important to punish and de-platform any right-wing websites that they don’t like.

It’s hard to believe that the people running Network Solutions could be so frivolous that they would in such an arbitrary and abrupt manner discontinue services for a customer of 22 years. All the other customers of Network Solutions must be seriously concerned that this might happen to them if the liberal lunatics running the company decide that they don’t like their politics or religious beliefs or maybe one of their products offends their liberal sensitivities.

It will hopefully be a rude awakening for them that they are a business and not a social studies class at a liberal university. Their attempt to steal Don Black’s website address pretty much proves that they are acting with malicious intent against him.

Don Black will almost certainly have his website back up within two weeks, and the left-wing activists, who took down his website will almost certainly be on the receiving end of a very big lawsuit.

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