National Review Asks if Ban on Daily Stormer Is the Death of the Internet

by James Buchanan

An author from the National Review to his credit is the first to see the heavy-handed crushing of the Daily Stormer as possibly the death of the Internet. There have been numerous signs of increasing leftist intolerance including the demonetization of almost every right-wing celebrity, who was making youtube videos, the partial or total censorship of youtube videos based on (fraudulent) complaints from the Left and even the cancellation of Lauren Southern’s Patreon account, which she had to set up after the Left demonetized her youtube videos. Miss Southern has the distinction of being demonetized twice!

Needless to say, the complaints by the Left have been overwhelmingly lies. If someone on the Right complains about Islamic rape gangs in Sweden or Germany, left-wing Social Justice Warriors (basically Internet trolls living in their parents’ basement) complain that someone is spreading “hate” on the Internet while in reality someone is spreading facts that the Left wants censored.

Unfortunately, the emotionally undeveloped children on the Left include many tech CEOs, who have had the luxury of living elitist lifestyles from a relatively young age. In many cases, their parents were wealthy and sent them to the best schools. These pampered individuals made a fortune in the tech world. They never had to live anywhere near ghetto Blacks. They never had to send their kids to public schools where their White children were terrorized by Black and Latino gang members, and they don’t see Muslims invading our cities and bringing their primitive Sharia Law with them.

White Nationalists want to preserve White culture in Europe and America. We don’t want a flood of Third World economic refugees swamping White nations and eliminating the race that made America great in the first place, but for that, we are endlessly called “haters” by the dishonest Left and we’re endlessly accused of violence.

It’s going to be a long battle to overturn the slanderous reputation the fake news liberal media has stuck on White Nationalists, but now it appears the Left has decided to use the old iron fist of censorship to take away our Rights completely before their slanders against us are exposed as lies.

The Left started with Daily Stormer, possibly the most crude White Nationalist website on the Internet, but it turned out to be the “canary in the coal mine.” It only took the Left three weeks to go after Stormfront, which had a policy against anyone advocating violence, and which to the surprise of many people, also had a policy against racial epithets. Does that sound like a “hate” website to you? Now, it’s a ticking clock for everyone else on the Right to lose their websites unless this trend is stopped and reversed. If you don’t agree with the Left, then you are guilty of “hate,” and they will demand that your website be taken down.

An article on the National Review reports “In banning white-supremacist websites, progressive tech giants set a dangerous precedent. Last week, multiple major Internet corporations essentially cooperated to kick a hate site, The Daily Stormer, off the Internet. Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Google, and various other companies withdrew their services…”

“…The Daily Stormer’s demise is a reminder that a few major corporations now have far more power than the government to regulate and restrict free speech, and they’re hardly neutral or unbiased actors. They have a point of view, and they’re under immense pressure to use that point of view to influence public debate. It’s a simple reality that the lines of Internet communication are in progressive political hands, these progressive corporations look to left-wing activists to define hate, and a large number of leftists believe to the core of their beings that ‘hateful’ speech should be censored and suppressed whenever possible.”

“For example, just this week ProPublica, a respected journalism outlet, decided to study ‘how leading tech companies monetize hate.’ The article begins by highlighting not the Klan or a white-supremacist militia but instead And how did it choose Jihad Watch? It relied on the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that is notorious for supplementing its lists of white-supremacist hate groups with its own ideological enemies list, one that a university radical would love. It singles out mainstream Christian organizations like the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defending Freedom as hate groups because they defend and support orthodox Christian beliefs on marriage, sexuality, and gender identity. It challenges Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch because he argues that ‘traditional Islam itself is not moderate or peaceful.’ That’s a highly debatable proposition (indeed, there are Muslims who agree with Spencer), but is it akin to white supremacy? After all, enormous numbers of people in the Muslim world believe in the death penalty for, among other things, blasphemy or apostasy. Those are mainstream Muslim views. Are those views ‘moderate?’”

“Are those views ‘peaceful?’ The SPLC even calls American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray — Charles Murray — a ‘white nationalist.’”

So Christian groups, groups that monitor Islamic terrorism and pretty much anyone else on the Right will soon find themselves in the same boat as the Daily Stormer and now Stormfront.

The Left has still not gotten over the defeat of Hillary Clinton. They are determined to take away Internet freedom of speech from everyone on the Right in retaliation and to deny Americans a voice in the 2020 elections. Hopefully Donald Trump is paying attention and the Justice Department will step in and do something good for a change so that Free Speech Rights are protected on the Internet and are no long subject to the whims of liberal tech CEOs or Soros-paid Internet trolls who flood the Internet with false complaints.

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