Internet Censorship Attacks on the Far-Right: Daily Stormer and Stormfront

by James Buchanan

Two far-right websites have recently been taken down due to pressure from left-wing activists. The first to go was Andrew Anglin’s Daily Stormer. The reason for his website being taken down was that he said some insulting things about Heather Heyer, the woman killed in Charlottesville when James Fields was fleeing an Antifa attack.

While ridiculing a dead political enemy may be considered bad taste, it is definitely protected by the First Amendment. It seems obvious that this was a convenient excuse for GoDaddy to drop a website, which it didn’t want to host any more due to incessant left-wing pressure and illegal distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks on the website by leftist criminals. Instead of catching and prosecuting the criminals, most website hosts would rather drop the “troublesome” website.

The Left then targeted Stormfront, a website with a long tradition of allowing free speech by White Nationalists and which strictly prohibited any posts advocating violence. Apparently a strict policy of not advocating violence made no difference whatsoever. The website hosting service for Stormfront for the last 22 years abruptly pulled the plug.

An article in the Washington Times reports “The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a D.C.-based nonprofit group, said it was behind the effort and had successfully booted the website from its domain of 22 years by raising its concerns with Stormfront’s registrar, Network Solutions LLC, and its parent company,”

“’Their website is a vehicle used to promote racially-motivated violence and hate,’ Kristen Clarke, the committee’s executive director, said in a statement. ‘Following our efforts, Network Solutions has pulled the site. We are working across the country to combat the spread of hate crimes.’”

It’s a safe bet that these websites are only the first two to be targeted by the Left. It may prove difficult to find new website hosting services since most commercial providers don’t want the hassle or bad publicity that comes from hosting people, who today are considered “political radicals” by the mainstream media.

The Left has defunded many conservative and Alt-Right celebrities on youtube, typically by making false complaints about the videos, forcing the celebrities to use alternative funding methods such as Patreon. Just a few weeks ago, the Left was able to barrage Patreon with false complaints about Lauren Southern and get her kicked off Patreon. Even Diamond and Silk, the two conservative Black women, who appeared at many of Donald Trump’s rallies have had 95 percent of their youtube videos defunded.

Donald Trump seriously needs to get involved in the fight against this growing censorship against the Right. Otherwise, the Alt-Right army that helped put him in power will have no voice at all on the Internet by the 2020 election, which is exactly what the Left wants to accomplish.

Ultimately a foreign website hosting service that allows complete freedom of speech may have to be found. It’s a sad statement that the website hosting services in the U.S., which is famous around the world for The Bill of Rights and “Freedom of Speech,” are proving too cowardly to support controversial political speech on the Internet today.

Further information about this assault on free speech in the United State can be found here and here.

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