Black Father and Son Criminals

by James Buchanan

A story on the Daily Beast reports “The father of the infamous Steubenville, Ohio rapist tried to kill a judge…”

“Nathaniel Richmond shot Judge Joseph Bruzzese outside the Jefferson County Courthouse before Bruzzese returned fire. A probation officer shot and killed Richmond. Bruzzese was hospitalized.”

“(Judge) Bruzzese was presiding over a pending wrongful-death civil case Richmond filed after his mother died in a house fire, and he was to preside over a hearing scheduled for next Monday. Police said Monday they are familiar with Richmond, who pleaded guilty to assault and attempted murder for a drive-by shooting in 2002. Richmond was sentenced to five years in prison, the Herald-Star reported.”

“Two weeks before Monday’s shooting, Richmond’s son Ma’lik was denied one year of football eligibility by Youngstown State University because of his high-school rape conviction in 2013. Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said Bruzzese had no role in Richmond’s rape case.”

“In 2012, a 16-year-old girl testified in juvenile court that Steubenville High School football players Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays sexually assaulted her and took nude photos of her while she was unconscious. The photos were traded among players, but no one came forward or reported the assault….”

“Richmond was convicted, served the minimum sentence of one year, returned to the high school football team, and graduated…”

So Ma’lik Richmond got a whole year in jail for permanently traumatizing a 16 year old girl by raping her and taking nude pictures of her.

You’d think that teenage criminals who rape or murder would automatically be tried as adults, but apparently not. I suppose liberals would complain that way too many Black young men were getting lengthy felony sentences if that were done. Somehow I doubt if a rape victim will feel any less violated if she finds out her rapist was a 16 year old Black as opposed to a 25 year old Black. If she finds out her rapist only got a year in juvenile detention, the rape victim would probably feel even worse since that’s pretty much a slap on the wrist.

Unfortunately, the Richmond family wasn’t done causing trouble, the father, Nathaniel Richmond decided to chimp out and open fire on a judge, who was the father of the prosecutor in his son’s rape case.

The judge, Joseph Bruzzese was armed and fired back at Nathaniel Richmond, who had wounded him. Fortunately an armed probation officer joined the gunfight and killed Richmond.

The rapist son, Ma’lik Richmond however is out of prison and free to cause more trouble, which he probably will do sooner or later.

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