The MoTown Half-Felon Mayoral Field

by Jeff Davis

Here’s another one for the “I swear I am not making this up” column.

An article from Detroit News reports “Half of the eight mayoral hopefuls on Detroit’s primary ballot next week have been convicted of felony crimes involving drugs, assault or weapons, a Detroit News analysis shows. Three were charged with gun crimes and two for assault with intent to commit murder. Some of the offenses date back decades, the earliest to 1977. The most recent was in 2008.”

“Political consultant Greg Bowens said ‘There are candidates with past hardships in every election cycle. It’s not something unique to Detroit or the political arena in general,’ he said. ‘Black marks on your record show you have lived a little and have overcome some challenges,’ said Bowens, a former press secretary to Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer and NAACP activist. ‘They (candidates) deserve the opportunity to be heard, but they also deserve to have the kind of scrutiny that comes along with trying to get an important elected position.’”

Seriously? This political consultant/crap-weasel expects us to believe that felons are just people with more life experience, who have “overcome some challenges” —like prison?

The article continues “Under state election law, convicted felons can vote and run for office as long as they are not incarcerated or guilty of certain fraud-related offenses, or crimes involving a breach of the public trust.”

But attempted murder’s OK.

“The Detroit News reviewed the backgrounds of all the mayoral contenders. While some refute circumstances that led to their criminal convictions, three said their past is a motivating factor in their decisions to run.”

Wonder if they can’t get a good job anywhere, which is compelling them to continue their criminal career in politics.

“First-time contender Donna Marie Pitts, 58, has multiple felony convictions dating back to 1977, according to court records in Wayne and Oakland counties. Although she denies wrongdoing in the past cases against her, Pitts is open about her convictions. Pitts, who says she has a business management degree and experience in carpentry, told The News she wants a ‘better way of life’ for Detroiters.”

It’s bad enough the Black Caucus has Hank Johnson, who thinks Guam might tip over, Maxine Waters, who says the Rodney King riots were “understandable if not acceptable” and Sheila Jackson Lee who thinks astronauts put a flag on mars. Soon we will have Black politicians, who robbed liquor stores, did drive-by shootings and carjacked people.


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