Robert Mueller’s (Witch Hunt) “Investigators” Afraid they’ll be Sued

The investigators for Robert Mueller’s ongoing witch hunt against Donald Trump that keeps desperately trying to find a Russia connection are buying lawsuit insurance in case their actions or claims lead to them being sued. This raises the question: Just how unethical and/or dishonest are these investigators?

An article on the Daily Caller reports “Department of Justice investigators purchased liability insurance to guard themselves against potential retaliatory lawsuits brought by the subjects they’re investigating as part of the Russia probe.”

“The Department would cover any legal fees incurred in the course of duty. However, a number of investigators opted to purchase extra protection as the probe moves further into examining President Donald Trump’s finances and those of his associates…”

In order to keep the investigation going, Mueller and his investigators need to invent accusations, and if those accusations are knowingly false, they could be in trouble. A Politico article reports “Three CNN staffers have resigned (were fired) following the publication and subsequent retraction of a story linking a Trump transition team member to the Russia-related investigations.”

“The piece, published late last week, cited an anonymous source saying the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into the chief executive of a $10-billion Russian investment fund who met with financier Anthony Scaramucci before the inauguration…”

The article was a total fabrication and some sources reported that Scaramucci threatened CNN with a $100 million lawsuit. It must have been a shock to liberals that some of the people, they were smearing might actually fight back. If CNN behaves like, it may go the way of as noted here.

One could also ask the question: How many months of producing no results is an investigation entitled to? Most of the country gets it that the Democrats want to keep doing one fishing expedition after another until they hope to stumble across some wrong-doing by Trump or one of his associates. The fact that these investigations go all the way back to when Obama was illegally spying on Trump and his top associates should prove that Trump and his associates are not only clean, they are amazingly, incredibly squeaky clean, especially compared to the average Democrat politician.

Trump has tolerated this ridiculous witch hunt to let the public see that he is clean, but seven months of investigations is insane. Trump was elected to accomplish his agenda, not to have himself investigated for four years!

If Jeff Sessions were doing his job, he would have asked Mueller what evidence he has to merit an investigation of Trump or any of his associates? When Mueller replied that he didn’t have anything, but he “felt” there might be something, Sessions should have told him to get the hell out of his office and to stop wasting his time and taxpayers’ money.

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