Great Man, Ernst Zundel Passes Away

by James Buchanan

Ernst Zundel was one of the few brave men to speak out against the Holocaust fraud that the Jews and Allies created after the war to justify the Communist takeover of half of Europe and the Jewish theft of the nation of Palestine from the Arabs, not to mention billions of dollars in reparations that Israel extorted from the Germans after the war.

The Holocaust also demonized the German people and eclipsed their great role in history as the defenders of Christian Europe against the scourge of Communism, which was a creation of the Jews as noted by Winston Chuchill here.

Zundel immigrated from his bombed out, occupied homeland to Canada in 1958 and then from there to the United States. He gradually became aware of the many lies and propaganda against his nationality and established Samisdat Publications to question the many claims of the Allies from after the war.

While still in Canada in the 1980s, Zundel was put on trial for questioning the Holocaust. One source notes “The 1988 trial relied on testimony from the Holocaust deniers David Irving and Fred A. Leuchter, a self-taught execution technician. Leuchter’s testimony as an expert witness was accepted by the court, but his accompanying Leuchter report was excluded, based on his lack of engineering credentials.”

David Irving is the best-informed historian in the world on the subject of World War Two. He has written a number of best-selling books and had become quite famous by the 1980s. Irving had also reached the conclusion that a mass extermination of Jews as presented in the Holocaust did not take place. The Jewish media of course responded by doing their best to ruin Mr. Irving, and the best-selling author on World War Two suddenly became persona non grata with no big publishers willing to print his work.

The Leuchter Report is an analysis of the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz. Fred Leuchter, an expert on American execution chambers, traveled to Poland, obtained samples from the walls of the alleged gas chambers and tested the samples for poison gas. No traces of poison gas were found and Leuchter concluded that the facilities portrayed to the public as gas chambers at Auschwitz were a misrepresentation or hoax.

Zundel came to the United States and married his third wife, Ingrid, after being persecuted for years in Canada for his political writings.

Zundel continued to question the Holocaust story as one of his top priorities. Rather than debate Mr. Zundel and present their side of the story, rich powerful Jews began maneuvering against Zundel and had him deported to Canada, despite the fact that Zundel was married to an American woman and that Zundel clearly should have qualified as a political refugee since his return to Canada could result in his imprisonment for violating their draconian hate speech laws regarding the Holocaust.

Notice how little concern the U.S. government and liberal media showed for splitting up the family of a White Christian political refugee compared to the howls of protest whenever Mexican illegal aliens are being deported.

Zundel was arrested in 2003 for allegedly not showing up for an immigration hearing. (It seems extremely likely that the notice for the hearing was deliberately never mailed to him.) Zundel was then sent back to Canada, where he had lived for 40 years. Amazingly, Canada declared that Zundel did not have Canadian citizenship and deported him back to Germany, where he served five years for a Thought Crime offense of questioning the Holocaust.

Anyone, who believes in freedom of speech, can only be outraged by the behavior of alleged Western democracies, who repeatedly trampled Zundel’s rights –all because he questioned the Jews’ most holy sacred cow, the Holocaust story.

Why is it that every other historical event is open for discussion? Why is the Holocaust story so special and beyond reproach that questioning it draws years of prison time? Could it be that the Holocaust is not an historical event that can stand up to scrutiny, but a post-war fabrication designed to justify the war against Germany, the Jewish theft of Palestine and most of all, the Holocaust effectively silences all critics of Israel and the Jews because being critical of Jews has been equated to being a mass murderer of Jews ever since the Jews fabricated the Holocaust story in that Anglo-Soviet farce known as the Nuremberg Trials.

One response to “Great Man, Ernst Zundel Passes Away

  1. You have an interesting website with lots of useful updates on events. Too bad that you have a thing regarding Jews. Your anti semitism detracts from your otherwise spot on observations re most everything else.

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