Ann Coulter Vs. Delta Airlines

by James Buchanan

You’d think after that horrific scene on a United flight in which a Chinese doctor was dragged off a plane with a battered face, the airlines would be just a little more sensitive about kicking people out of their assigned seats. Apparently not.

The famous conservative writer and speaker, Ann Coulter was on a Delta Airlines flight. She had booked a seat with extra leg room on Delta, but she found that her preassigned seating counted for naught. She was moved from her seat so that some short swarthy woman could occupy it, and Miss Coulter had to fold up her long legs in a standard seat, despite the fact that she had paid $30 extra to get the seat with the extra legroom.

The stupidity of Delta is highlighted by the fact that: (1).they failed to honor a preassigned seat after all the bad press United got for doing just that, (2).the Delta employees on the plane were too witless to realize it made infinitely more sense to let the long-legged blonde have the seat with extra legroom and to put the short swarthy woman in the seat that Miss Coulter was forced to move to, (3).they were so tone deaf in their bullying of another passenger that they failed to realize Ann Coulter is just a little bit famous with 1.6 million Twitter followers and (4).they doubled down on their stupidity by being snarky and dishonest with Miss Coulter after trampling her rights as a passenger.

You’d think the mainstream media might be on the side of a passenger, getting shafted by a big corporate airline, but liberal media concern for a woman being dealt with badly quickly evaporates when it’s a conservative woman. The snarky tone from most of the liberal media about Ann Coulter’s predicament displayed their utter hypocrisy when “female victim” is replaced with “conservative female victim.” The liberal media trolls were probably sad that Coulter was only moved to an uncomfortable seat rather than dragged off the plane after being roughed up by some security thugs.

An article from USA Today reports “Airlines are often targets of angry tweets from passengers, but like most major brands they typically tread carefully with their responses to complaints on social media.”

“By shutting down a polarizing figure like conservative commentator Ann Coulter, Delta Air Lines’ response became a political statement, whether that was the intention or not. The airline pushed back at Coulter after she berated it Saturday on Twitter over getting her seat changed.”

“Coulter began tweeting about the episode Saturday in which she said the airline gave away an ‘extra room seat’ she reserved before a flight from New York to Florida departed. Coulter had booked an aisle seat, but got a window seat.”

“‘Any back and forth with a customer, particularly a political commentator like this, is going to be viewed through a political lens.’ said Tanya Meck, the executive vice president of Global Strategies Group, which specializes in strategic communications.”

No, Delta Airlines, this isn’t some “political” issue. You still don’t get it. This is about how you treat passengers, and it might help if your upper management weren’t quite so thick-headed about this. Or maybe you just think it’s “fun” to inconvenience a famous conservative because you’ve staffed up your airline with liberals and Social Justice Warriors.

Delta finally admitted they were wrong and refunded Miss Coulter her $30, but in the meantime as this latest story of passenger abuse swirled around the Internet, the net value of Delta stock fell by $190 million dollars. Miss Coulter’s airline seat may be the most expensive in airline history.


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