System Politicians Say Immigrants are Better than Americans

by James Buchanan

The political “elite” in both parties have claimed that immigrants are better than Americans.

A Breitbart article reports “Americans voted for Donald Trump in November in large part because they’re afraid elite Americans don’t care about them.”

“Hillary Clinton stoked this fear when she said some of Trump’s supporters are ‘irredeemable’ or ‘deplorable,’ and when she did not campaign in boring but critical states which subsequently flipped from blue to red. Sadly, there are other elites who seem to rank Americans below foreigners or immigrants.”

“Here’s a (list) of seven:”

“Bill Kristol, the editor-at-large of the D.C.-based Weekly Standard magazine, used an event in February to declare that population replacement would be the best antidote to ordinary America…”

“Given his contempt for ordinary Americans, Kristol shows little interest in either helping Americans or persuading them to vote for the political candidates that he prefers.”

Kristol of course is a Jewish neocon, who played a big part in lying America into the insanely expensive war on Iraq, which overthrew Saddam Hussein, who had been keeping order in that unstable part of the world. Ordinary Americans were “rewarded” with much higher gas prices as a byproduct of that war.

The article continues “Bret Stephens, a columnist at the New York Times, argued in June that immigrants outperform Americans and suggested the solution for the nation’s economic problems is to deport Americans…”

“President Barack Obama revealed his views about Americans in a 2014 speech where he said immigrants have the right to enter the United States, regardless of what Americans prefer…”

“House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi revealed her true feelings in 2013 towards the millions of Americans who voted her out of the majority in 2010, as she addressed a crowd of illegal immigrants on Washington D.C.’s National Mall. She reasoned that if America is a nation of immigrants, logically, immigrants are more American than Americans…”

I’m not surprised whenever I see leftists supporting illegal immigration and making snide comments about American workers. The Democrat Party wants lots of Third World immigrants, who are willing to vote for the party that White people are no longer willing to support.

The article goes on “Sen. Marco Rubio hired an aide who eventually crippled his 2013 immigration-amnesty bill by saying some Americans need to be replaced by foreign workers. The quote was collected by a reporter for the New Yorker, who wrote:”

“‘There are American workers who, for lack of a better term, can’t cut it …There shouldn’t be a presumption that every American worker is a star performer. There are people who just can’t get it, can’t do it, don’t want to do it. And so you can’t obviously discuss that publicly.'”

“GOP Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and GOP Colorado Rep Ken Buckare pushing legislation to annually import 500,000 foreign blue-collar workers and white-collar professionals to replace the Americans who are working or hoping to find work. Buck claims the legislation would create a ‘strong and vibrant workforce,’ presumably unlike America’s current weak and dull workforce. ”

The bottom line is that there are Globalist sell outs in both political parties. Donald Trump was almost certainly the only candidate running for president in 2016, who opposed an Amnesty for 34 million illegal aliens, which would have destroyed America as we know it.

Technology is rapidly advancing in the field of robotics, which will make all the Third World immigrants (both legal and illegal) who were brought in to do menial work obsolete. What happens when technology takes over low-skilled jobs? The Third World people, who were doing those jobs, will mostly become welfare parasites since few have the IQ to reeducate themselves to do more complex work (which would be better suited for Whites). This is one more reason why we need to keep out Third World immigrants and to deport all the illegal aliens in the U.S. today.


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