Is MSNBC Backpedaling on Russian Conspiracy Theory?

by James Buchanan

After five months of attacks, the Russian collusion story may have finally jumped the shark. A CNN producer was caught on video saying that the Russia narrative involving Trump was “bullsh-t” and a “witch hunt” as noted here.

Just days after that story broke, MSNBC seems to be backpedaling on Russian collusion.

A recent news article reports “Hillary Clinton seems to be chugging the last of the steam from her presidency-losing pity-party train.”

“On a recent MSNBC ‘Rachel Maddow Show’ broadcast, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell — a lover of all things left-leaning, if ever there was one — publicly chided Clinton for blaming her loss on Russia.”

“Wow. When you lose the adoration of the left, there’s really no where else to turn.”

“Mitchell, who serves as chief foreign affairs correspondent on NBC and host of ‘Andrea Mitchell Reports’ on MSNBC, was discussing the recent rants of Clinton against the vast right-wing conspiracy….”

Even if MSNBC tries to save its reputation at the last minute by blaming the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory on Hillary, no one can forget the role that the fake news liberal media played in pushing this propaganda on the American public.

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