Jews Pressure Amazon to Ban Books Questioning Holocaust

An opinion article notes “ has wiped all Holocaust Revisionist books from its website. Seemingly overnight, this assault on Truth has taken place…”

“…You’ll look in vain for any of the Holocaust Handbook series edited by Germar Rudolf that had been available on the site, while you’ll have no trouble finding all the books arguing for the ‘Holocaust’, including the emotional, anti-historical diatribes of Deborah Lipstadt.”

“Even Thomas Dalton’s classic balanced book Debating the Holocaust: A New Look At Both Sides is ‘disappeared’ from Amazon’s pages. The ‘other side’ is no longer allowed to give it’s arguments! This is a step toward criminalizing holocaust revisionism by making it appear disreputable.”

The Jews enjoyed a virtual monopoly over what could be published in the western world for decades. The Jewish control on information extended to the major news organizations.

With the rise of the Internet, the Jews have felt their power decline. This old-style book banning would have gone unnoticed in the 1960s.

As usual with the Jews, they have accused their enemies of what they themselves are guilty of. For about 80 years, the Jews have squealed about “the Nazis burning books.” What books were the Nazis burning? Degenerate Jewish porn and Marxist class-hatred propaganda. The Jews act as though some great historical works were being destroyed.

Meanwhile, the Jews and liberals want to ban Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” for its negative portrayal of a Jew. They want to ban Charles Dickens’ book, “Oliver Twist” because of the Jewish criminal character, Fagin. They want to ban Samuel Clemens’ “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” because the N-word appears in that book.

Ultimately, the Jews and liberals would like to ban the Bible with all its anti-Jewish and anti-homosexual passages and they’d like to ban the Constitution and Bill of Rights because people shouldn’t know about the First and Second Amendments in their version of the United States.

The Jews want to ban books to hide the truth. They’re in a panic because the Internet has made all sorts of banned books widely available. Much of the information in the banned Holocaust books is available for free on websites like this and this.

You’d think the Jews would know by now that trying to ban something only draws greater attention to it, and puts a spotlight on the thuggish individuals who want to ban the truth, but that’s O.K. I hope they keep trying to compel a book ban; it will only expose their lies that much faster.

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