Anti-Trump Hysteria by Liberal Media and Dems Is Backfiring

by James Buchanan

An article from Conservative Fighters reports “The mainstream media attacks President Trump from one side. The Washington establishment hits Trump from another side…”

“Well, a new Gallup poll sheds some light on this peculiar Washington hypocrisy. The poll shows that the American people don’t care about all the media hysteria. Or Russia. The polls show Americans view Trump as a strong leader.”

CNN, MSNBC and the Democrats have relentlessly attacked Trump for wanting to put a travel ban on seven Muslim nations with terrorist problems. There’s just one little problem: Most Americans agree with Donald Trump and reject the “Open Borders” insanity that militant liberals want to force on us. One news article notes “A Morning Consult/Politico poll released on Wednesday showed that 55% of registered voters support Trump’s travel ban, compared with 38% who do not support it.”

Trump has also been fighting to keep jobs here in America with some success –leaving many Democrats wondering: Why didn’t Obama ever do anything to protect our jobs?

A CNN article notes “Ford is canceling plans to build a new plant in Mexico. It will invest $700 million in Michigan instead, creating 700 new U.S. jobs.”

An article from Fox business news reports “Trump… has already struck two deals to prevent companies from taking their manufacturing jobs to Mexico… Ford notified Trump that Lincoln scrapped a plan to move production of the MKC crossover south of the border, a decision that Ford acknowledged was influenced by the Republican’s victory on Election Day.”

“Carrier, maker of air conditioners and commercial refrigeration products, revealed on Twitter (TWTR) that it ‘reached a deal’ with Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence to “keep close to 1,000 jobs” in Indiana.”

The big problem with Democrats is that they don’t care about American jobs. Obama spent most of his presidency golfing after passing his disastrous ObamaCare mandate. Hillary Clinton would not even meet with ordinary Americans, preferring to fix her attention mostly on people, who made big donations to the Clinton Foundation.

If Trump keeps his focus on immigration and jobs, he will continue to do well in the polls.

The Russian hacking story has been kept on life supports for months now. One news story reports “Democrat Nina Turner on Sunday told Dana Bash that people don’t care about Russia.”

Dana Bash apparently has a show on the fake news network, CNN. (I never heard of it either.)

The article continues “After Bash had spent almost the entire ‘State Of The Union’ hour obsessing over Russia, she asked Turner ‘How’s this playing in Ohio?’”

“Sounding exhausted by the question, the former Ohio state senator responded ‘No one in Ohio is asking about Russia.’”

If a Democrat politician tells you that no one in her district cares about a fake news story, you’ve been obsessing over since last November, maybe it’s time to move on.

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