To Boldly Go Nowhere: When Obama Killed NASA

by Jeff Davis

Liberals seldom mention the moon landings because to look back at the glorious space program that the US had when this was a 90 percent White nation, compared to the ruins of NASA after Barack Obama is a stark contrast, which they would rather avoid.

Since the moon landings, liberals have transferred billions of dollars from NASA to various welfare programs continually shrinking any attempts at space exploration. The new technology developed during the Apollo moon project contributed greatly to making America a wealthy nation and a world leader in high technology. The billions of dollars squandered on welfare has caused a population explosion among single Black mothers, who produce 68 percent of all Black children. The Black population is a colossal financial drain, whose only purpose is to elect incompetent Democrat politicians like Barack Obama to high political office.

A wikipedia article reports “The Constellation Program (abbreviated CxP) was a human spaceflight program developed by NASA, the space agency of the United States, from 2005 to 2009. The major goals of the program were ‘completion of the International Space Station’ and a ‘return to the Moon no later than 2020’ with a manned flight to the planet Mars as the ultimate goal. The program’s logo reflected the three stages of the program: the Earth (ISS), the Moon, and finally Mars—while the Mars goal also found expression in the name given to the program’s booster rockets: Ares (The Greek equivalent of the Roman god Mars).[1][2] The technological aims of the program included the regaining of significant astronaut experience beyond low Earth orbit and the development of technologies necessary to enable sustained human presence on other planetary bodies.[3]”

“Constellation began in response to the goals laid out in the Vision for Space Exploration under NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe.[4][5] O’Keefe’s successor, Michael D. Griffin, ordered a complete review, termed the Exploration Systems Architecture Study, which reshaped how NASA would pursue the goals laid out in the Vision for Space Exploration, and its findings were formalized by the NASA Authorization Act of 2005. The Act directed NASA to ‘develop a sustained human presence on the Moon, including a robust precursor program to promote exploration, science, commerce and US preeminence in space, and as a stepping stone to future exploration of Mars and other destinations.'[1] Work began on this revised Constellation Program, to send astronauts first to the International Space Station, then to the Moon, and then to Mars and beyond.[2]”

“Subsequent to the findings of the Augustine Committee in 2009 that the Constellation Program could not be executed without substantial increases in funding, on February 1, 2010, President Barack Obama announced a proposal to cancel the program, effective with the passage of the U.S. 2011 fiscal year budget,[6][7][8][9] but later announced changes to the proposal in a major space policy speech at Kennedy Space Center on April 15, 2010. Obama signed the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 on October 11, which shelved the program…”

Once Obama’s plans to scale back NASA and to add “Muslim outreach” as one of its primary goals, caused one engineer to note that Project Constellation just became Project Cancellation.

Liberals and Democrats have never been comfortable with the space program. It’s way too much of a “White thing.” The more they try to shoehorn quota-hire Blacks and Latinos into the space program, the more we start crashing space probes. NASA needs to be competent enough to accomplish its mission without barbecuing astronauts during reentry or plunging billion dollar lawn darts into the surface of mars.

The space program has always been one of the proudest achievements of the Old America, the one run by White people. We obviously can’t have a government program that allows White people, many of them “the hated White males” to shine. The Democrats were spending money right, left and center like drunken sailors to bail out banks and to stimulate the economy, but apparently when it comes to exploring the universe around us in the name of all humanity, the cupboard was bare. What pathetic easily-forgotten historical pygmies liberal politicians are!

Now with the election of Donald Trump there is hope again that NASA may finally do something great in space again rather than spend obscene amounts of money on hordes of welfare parasites and Muslim outreach programs.