Democrats Lose Special Election in Georgia, Fifth in a Row!

by James Buchanan

The Democrats think their endless accusations of “Russian hacking” against Trump will turn the American people against the Republicans. Well, judging from the last five special elections, the real message from voters seems to be that they’re tired of the witch hunt against Trump, and they’re still glad Hillary and the Democrats lost the election.

A Newsweek article reports “Democrats continued their special election losing streak on Tuesday as one of the party’s bright hopes, Jon Ossoff, lost his bid for a suburban Atlanta Congressional seat long held by Republicans—a painful defeat that highlights deep fissures in the party.”

“Democrats have lost every special Congressional election since President Donald Trump took office. In addition to the Georgia race, the party failed to pick up seats vacated by Republican House members who joined the Trump cabinet in Kansas, Montana and South Carolina…”

“The seat in Georgia was a tantalizing one for Democrats. Hillary Clinton only lost the district by 1 percent in the 2016 presidential race, and when Trump tapped Representative Tom Price to be his Health and Human Services Secretary, Democrats hoped they could win this seat for the first time since the 1970s…”

“In Ossoff, Democrats had an attractive 30-year-old political newcomer who quickly garnered national attention…”

“…In the end, Ossoff lost the seat by six points…”

An NBC article reported “The campaigns of the candidates competing in today’s runoff — Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff — had spent $3.2 million and $22.5 million, respectively, through the end of May, according to campaign finance reports filed with the FEC.”

So Ossoff, the DNC and billionaire Globalists were outspending Republican Karen Handel by about seven to one with most of that money coming from outside the state.

The Democrats went all out trying to win this Georgia election. They found an “Emmanuel Macron” candidate and spent a large fortune trying to buy the election, but they failed. Maybe most Americans like the direction the country is going under Trump and they want the Globalists and the Deep State to keep on losing.


One response to “Democrats Lose Special Election in Georgia, Fifth in a Row!

  1. So happy! The Democrats and their sock puppet mainstream media outlets have been looking like a bad reefer madness movie lately.

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