More Info on the Democrat Terrorist, who Shot Congressman Scalise

by James Buchanan

More information has come out on James Hodgkinson, the Democrat terrorist, who shot Congressman Steve Scalise, and it’s a wonder why this brutal and unstable lunatic had not gotten a lengthy prison sentence for his past actions.

The New York Post reports “The left-wing gunman who opened fire on a Republican congressional baseball practice had a teenage foster daughter who committed suicide in 1996 by setting herself on fire, according to a report.”

“Wanda Ashley Stock, 17, had only been living with James Hodgkinson, 66, and his wife for a few months when the teen doused herself with gasoline and burned to death, the Daily Beast reported.”

Now, how the hell did that happen? When asked about the daughter Hodgkinson replied she was a “very practical, level-headed girl.” And no one found this odd? I’d expect a girl who killed herself to be manic-depressive, assuming one or both of the parents hadn’t somehow driven her to suicide through abuse.

The article continues “Several years later, the family fostered another teen girl, whom they later lost custody of after Hodgkinson was accused of abusing her.”

“In 2006, he charged into a neighbor’s home where the foster daughter was hanging out with a friend, and smacked the pal in the face ‘with a closed fist…’”

“At one point, he allegedly pointed a shotgun at Moreland’s boyfriend and popped off one round.”

How did he not go to jail for firing off a shotgun within city limits? This sounds like it might even have been attempted murder.

Was the abuse only violence or was there sexual abuse too? How the hell did Hodgkinson get another foster child after the previous one killed herself? How blind or crazy are the people running the foster child program in that state?

The article notes “Hodgkinson was also seen ‘throwing’ the foster daughter ‘around the bedroom,’ according to a police report. When she tried to escape, he ‘started hitting her arms, pulling her hair, and started grabbing her off the bed.’”

“…During the dispute, Moreland said, she jumped in a car with her friend, but Hodgkinson opened the vehicle’s door and hit her, then used a knife to cut the seat belt off his foster daughter.”

“He was arrested for domestic battery and discharge of a firearm, but the charges were later dropped.”

How did Hodgkinson manage to avoid doing jail time? Why didn’t he lose his firearms after displaying all that violent, psycho behavior?

Additional information is coming out about the shooting. The fake news media is claiming that Hodgkinson had to ask someone where the Republicans were, but another report states that Hodgkinson had a list of individuals, he wanted to shoot.

A report by Bill Still below notes that Congressman Scalise was working on prosecuting pedophile rings. You don’t suppose that Hodgkinson may have been part of a Democrat pedophile ring. That might explain the suicide of his first foster daughter and the brutality toward the second foster child, not to mention him avoiding a serious prosecution for earlier violent behavior, which should have cost him his firearms.

This also raises the question of whether Hodgkinson may have gotten orders to murder Scalise to help protect Democrat pedophile rings.

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