Terrorism in Britain vs. the U.S.

by James Buchanan

For anyone, who’s keeping track, there have been three major terrorist attacks in Britain in 2017 and zero in the United States.

Britain denies its citizens the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for their personal self-defense. While it could be argued that an all-White nation is not likely to have a serious crime problem, the Globalist politicians in Britain have let in more and more primitive people from Africa, the Caribbean and Muslim countries, who have committed numerous rapes and muggings in recent decades. The arrogant, stubborn, uncaring upper class elitists, who make up the British Parliament and House of Lords refuse to consider giving their subjects the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It’s a wonder they even let people vote over there.

Some folks might argue that guns won’t stop all terrorist attacks. Guns would definitely be effective against a knife-wielding Muslim, which was an issue in two out of the three last terrorist attacks in Britain. An alert citizen with a concealed carry pistol might even to be able to shoot a Muslim terrorist trying to ram his car into a crowd full of people, hopefully causing him to veer into a light pole and not the innocent civilians.

One of the terrorist attacks in Britain involved bombs going off at an Arianna Grande concert. That terrorist had dual-citizenship with Libya. If Britain had something similar to Trump’s proposed Terrorist Nation Travel Ban, which includes Libya, that terrorist might have been kept out of Britain.

Donald Trump has announced that he wants federal agencies to focus on the Islamic terrorism threat. Under Obama, federal agents were told not to use terms like “Islamic terrorist.”

A Reuters article reports “The Trump administration wants to revamp and rename a U.S. government program designed to counter all violent ideologies so that it focuses solely on Islamist extremism, five people briefed on the matter told Reuters.”

“The program, “Countering Violent Extremism,” or CVE, would be changed to “Countering Islamic Extremism” or “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism,” the sources said, and would no longer target groups such as white supremacists…”

There are people, who arrogantly dismiss the possibility of armed citizens stopping terrorist attacks and who claim this has never been done.

There have been a number of mass shootings in the U.S. that have been stopped by armed citizens.

When an armed citizen is around, the mass shooter is killed right away without racking up a big body count, which is what happens when you wait for police.

I suppose some people will say “Well, only two people were wounded in one of those stories so that’s not a mass shooting.” Well, great, take away the armed citizen and maybe it would have been ten dead by the time the police arrived.

A Washington Post article reports “Do citizens (not police officers) with guns ever stop mass shootings?”

“…[H]ere is a list of some such incidents (which deliberately excludes killings stopped by people who were off-duty police officers, or police officers from other jurisdictions, at the time of a shooting, as well as some other cases which struck me as borderline):”

“1. In Chicago earlier this year, an Uber driver with a concealed-carry permit ‘shot and wounded a gunman [Everardo Custodio] who opened fire on a crowd of people.’”

“2. In a Philadelphia barber shop earlier this year, Warren Edwards ‘opened fire on customers and barbers’ after an argument. Another man with a concealed-carry permit then shot the shooter… a police captain was quoted as saying that, ‘I guess he [the man who shot the shooter] saved a lot of people in there.’”

“6. In Atlanta in 2009, Calvin Lavant and Jamal Hill broke into an apartment during a party and forced everyone to the floor. After they gathered various valuables, and separated the men and the women, and Lavant said to Hill, ‘we are about to have sex with these girls, then we are going to kill them all,’ …At that point, Sean Barner, a Marine who was attending Georgia State as part of the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program, managed to get to the book bag he brought to the party; took out his gun; shot and scared away Hill; went into the neighboring room, where Lavant was about to rape one of the women; was shot at by Lavant, and shot back and hit Lavant, who then ran off and later died of his injuries….”

You need both armed citizens and a government that takes Islamic terrorism seriously to prevent terrorist attacks. One serious problem still remaining is that poorly vetted Muslims, who were let into the U.S. decades ago, have probably produced numerous second-generation radicalized Muslims. Omar Mateen, Nidal Hasan and Sayed Farook were all born in the U.S. to Muslim parents. What this should tell us is that we can’t trust ANY Muslims in White nations, and that we should deport the whole lot of them. Perhaps after a few more years of terrorist attacks in Western Europe, White people will finally start waking up to that reality.


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