Prime Minister Theresa May Wants to Control Internet, not Muslims

by James Buchanan

The U.K. Independent reports “New international agreements should be introduced to regulate the internet in the light of the London Bridge terror attack, (Prime Minister) Theresa May has said.”

Well of course, the problem isn’t radical Muslims, who hate the West. There’s something wrong with the Internet!!

The article notes “New international agreements should be introduced to regulate the internet in the light of the London Bridge terror attack, Theresa May has said. The Prime Minister said introducing new rules for cyberspace would ‘deprive the extremists of their safe spaces online’ and that technology firms were not currently doing enough. The Prime Minister made the comments outside Downing Street on Sunday morning in the aftermath of the van and knife attack that saw seven people killed and dozens injured…”

But what if all the Muslims meet in a radical mosque, and all the other Muslims refuse to tell police about their plotting and suspicious activity before an attack, and White people who see anything are called “racist” by police for reporting on suspicious Muslims or -even worse- White people self-censor themselves and don’t report suspicious Muslim activity for fear of seeming racist? All of the above stated problems have been the case in previous terrorist attacks, but curiously Prime Minister May doesn’t want to deal with reality. She thinks the Muslims will blab about all about their upcoming terrorist attacks on social media. Yeah, right.

Remember after the 911 attack, when Chuck Schumer shoved through his highly un-Constitutional, and badly misnamed “Patriot Act.” Well, this new Internet surveillance will almost certainly wind up being used against White Nationalists in Britain, who might violate their draconian hate speech laws because the Globalist politicians are much more interested in stamping out White Nationalism, than they want to stop Islamic terror attacks.

To illustrate how crazy the British government is, an article from reports “UK authorities are facing an increased terror threat from battle-hardened fighters returning from Mosul and other conflict zones in Iraq and Syria.”

“Security sources have told Sky News more than 400 former fighters are now believed to be back in Britain.”

“The authorities believe there is a growing risk the UK could suffer the kind of mass gun and bomb attacks seen in France and Belgium recently, as many returning fighters will have been trained in the use of weapons and the construction of improvised explosive devices.”

“It is a serious, two-pronged challenge for the police and security services, who are already working flat-out to counter the threat from homegrown lone-wolf extremists, like Khalid Masood, who launched last week’s deadly attack on Westminster.”

Other news stories have mentioned thousands of radicalized Muslims in Britain. Why aren’t these people being rounded up and expelled to their nations of origin? Because Britain is still being run by worthless System politicians, who are only capable of weak, ineffective measures. Britain needs their version of Donald Trump. In the meantime, they’ll be hit by one major terrorist attack after another until the White people of England find their collective spine and quit letting these Muslim barbarians murder White women and children on a regular basis in their own homeland.

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