Huffington Post Tries to Defend Kathy Griffin

by James Buchanan

The Huffington Post, which clearly lost its mind going “all in” for Hillary Clinton and then joined the bitter ranks of the far-left liberal crazies after Trump won the election, is actually trying to defend Kathy Griffin.

A recent Huffington Post article opines “There’s a vein of sad, pathetic hypocrisy running through both the left and right of the United States tonight. We live in times fueled by constant breaking media reports and self serving social media commentary. Adding fuel to the symptom, Americans are quick to take reactionary tones in times of tension. We’re quick to jump on the praise or condemnation express train- as if a stance will validate our individual moral compass.”

“There’s little doubt, Kathy Griffin’s photo with a fake bloody head was tasteless and offensive. But if that sort of crass blood soaked satire is not your thing, it’s easy to just ignore it. Turn the other way.”

“Why engage in lazy, thoughtless and simplistic reactionary mob mentality and feverishly cannibalize an entertainer who figured she was just pushing the envelope—just as her fans would expect her to do?”

“She crossed the taste line—that’s all. It’s supposed to be satire. One might assume that we as a society are sophisticated enough to label the image as tacky, gross or whatever. But, It’s satire ― not a statement by a local, national or world leader…”

This liberal dolt is accusing the Right of hypocrisy?? There isn’t even a similar case approaching this!!! Name one right-wing celebrity who was so tactless and crazy that he held up a facsimile of Obama’s or Hillary’s severed head?!!!

You can probably find a few drunk rednecks who made death threats, but then contrast them to thousands of ghetto Negroes tweeting out death threats against Trump with some also threatening to rape Melania!! The Left has always been much worse than the Right.

The liberals have demanded the heads of anyone who says anything that they deem racially offensive, so they punish people for words all the time.

Kathy Griffin once said that drawing a cross hairs on an opponent’s electoral district was “a death threat” when Griffin was talking about Sarah Palin.

Going by Griffin’s own logic, carrying around a bloody severed head that resembles a political opponent can’t be anything but a death threat.

Griffin deserves to lose her career and she seriously needs to get some psychiatric counseling. She probably already was getting counseling, but clearly it hasn’t helped.


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