The “Stop Arming Terrorists Bill” by Senator Rand Paul

by James Buchanan

The Middle East is a snake pit. You’d think by now the U.S. would realize that everything we get involved with over there turns into a colossal disaster. We still don’t know exactly how ISIS suddenly appeared. Believe it or not Senator Rand Paul and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard have recently introduced a bill called “The Stop Arming Terrorists Bill.”

A press release on Rand Paul’s website states “This week, U.S. Senator Rand Paul introduced the Stop Arming Terrorists Act (S. 532) to prevent American taxpayers’ money from being used to directly or indirectly support armed militants who are allied with or often working under the command of al-Qaeda, ISIS, or other terrorist groups. The legislation serves as a companion bill to H.R. 608, which Representative Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2) reintroduced in January.”

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton armed Muslim radicals in Syria and Libya, and those radicals are apparently the new terrorist organization ISIS.

A National Review article reports “As U.S. armed forces attack ISIS in Libya, WikiLeaks is poised to remind us that ISIS is in Libya — indeed, that ISIS is ISIS — thanks to disastrous policies championed by Hillary Clinton as President Obama’s secretary of state. Also raised, yet again, is the specter of Mrs. Clinton’s lying to Congress and the American people — this time regarding a matter some of us have been trying for years to get answers about: What mission was so important the United States kept personnel in the jihadist hellhole of Benghazi in 2012?”

“Specifically, did that mission involve arming the Syrian “rebels” — including al-Qaeda and forces that became ISIS — just as, at Mrs. Clinton’s urging, our government had armed Libyan “rebels” (again, jihadists) to catastrophic effect?”

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were profoundly unqualified to handle U.S. foreign policy. Hillary was the first lady of Arkansas and a life-long crook. Barack Obama relied on “White Guilt” to get elected to higher and higher offices in a frightening example of the Peter Principle combined with the worst of democracy. The resulting instability and unrest in Libya and Syria has been passed on to the Trump administration to see if he can do anything with these two disaster areas.

Is is any surprise that we’ve armed terrorists in the past and that we might even still be arming Muslim terrorists in the present? Hopefully Trump would pull the plug on any such insanity, but after the Obama regime and its legacy, members of Congress have actually created a bill to stop something that no sane person would have ever wanted to do.

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