Should Kathy Griffin Go to Prison for Photo of her Holding “Trump’s Head”?

by James Buchanan

D-list celebrity and extreme liberal Kathy Griffin went off the deep end recently in a photo-shoot holding up what looked like the severed head of Donald Trump covered in blood.

A USA Today article asks the question: “Did Kathy Griffin break the law?”

“Kathy Griffin sparked outrage across the political spectrum Tuesday when a photo surfaced of the edgy comedian holding aloft the bloody head of a dummy made to look like President Trump.”

“Much of the outcry on social media called for the Secret Service, the agency tasked with looking out for the president’s safety, to arrest Griffin for threatening the president.”

“Griffin herself said she ‘crossed the line’ in a video apology. But no matter how guilty Griffin was of bad taste, did she commit a crime?”

“Threats ‘knowingly and willfully’ made against the president, president-elect, vice president or vice president-elect are a class E felony under federal law. That includes any ‘threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm’ upon those officials.”

If someone, who didn’t like you, put a picture of himself on social media holding up a likeness of your severed head covered in blood, wouldn’t you be more than a little concerned about that? In the case of Griffen, she’s encouraging millions of mentally unstable liberals and Antifa thugs to murder the president.

Even worse, holding up a severed head is something we’ve seen ISIS terrorists doing over and over. Invoking that imagery might even be seen as sympathizing with the terrorists, who no doubt would like to hold up Trump’s severed head much like Kathy Griffin was pretending to do.

I can’t think of any right-wing comedians who did anything that even remotely approached this sort of violent imagery with Obama because they all knew that if they did something like that, they would be going straight to jail.

But if you’re a D-list liberal celebrity, you can try to juice up your career by appealing to millions of hateful liberals by holding up an effigy of Donald Trump’s severed head, and you know you’ll probably get away with it because there are so many liberals making death threats against Trump, that the Secret Service can’t deal with them all.

Maybe the Secret Service should deal with this particular incident to make an example out of it. It’s getting ridiculous how we have one standard of the law for liberals and a completely different standard of the law for conservatives.

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