Hillary Starts New Activist Organization

by James Buchanan

A Breitbart article reported in April, 2016 that “Correct the Record, a pro-Hillary Clinton political action committee (PAC), is spending over $1 million on online trolls…”

That trolling operation was started back during the primary when Hillary was having a difficult time overcoming her 80 year old opponent Bernie.

During the 2016 presidential campaign the leftist trolling naturally continued. The Democrats were not only employing Internet trolls; they were funding left-wing thugs to cause violent incidents at Trump rallies as discovered by Project Veritas as noted here.

An article on the DailyWire reports “Hillary Clinton’s desperate attempt to stay relevant was once the stuff of comedic fodder. Now it’s just sad.”

“Politico has learned that the longtime Washington insider is kicking it up a notch, making good on her promise to join the “resistance” against President Trump. Bitter and belligerent, Clinton is actually dipping her toes back into the swamp of politics by doing what she does best: soliciting rich donors to further her pet projects. Politico explains:”

“The former secretary of state is building a new political group to fund organizations working on the resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda…”

“She is looking to launch the group, expected to be called Onward Together…”

I’m sure more than a little money will be going to Internet trolling, and it’s a good bet that George Soros never stopped funding Internet trolling operations.

The most insidious trolls are the ones invading the Alt-Right. Part of the latest Deep State anti-Trump operation is to sow as much division between the Alt-Right and Trump as possible.

We all knew that Trump said he would support Israel, which is apparently mandatory for all U.S. presidents so this should not be some shocking new revelation to anyone, who isn’t feigning outrage for some ulterior motive.

Many of us wanted Trump to become president to reduce illegal immigration, which he’s done. A Breitbart article reports “President Trump then outlined one of his many achievements since his election, ‘since my election, we have already achieved an unprecedented 73 percent reduction in illegal crossing on our southern border. The greatest reduction in the history of our country, and we just started. The world is getting the message, if you try to illegally enter the United States, you will be caught, detained, deported, or put in prison, and it will happen.’”

“Trump’s comments on the decline in illegal immigration were corroborated by Politifact earlier this month, his statements on the issue receiving a ‘True’ rating…”

Trump is a compromise candidate for White Nationalists. He’ll hopefully do some things for us such as tackle the illegal immigration issue, but then he’s going to be friends with Israel, which none of us want.

What’s the alternative to Trump right now? Let’s say we jump on the “hate Trump” bandwagon as certain individuals repeatedly and systematically have been posting on Alt-Right websites. If we do that, we put ourselves completely outside of having any influence on Trump. I’m sure Trump has people surfing the Alt-Right, and they will likely see one extremely hostile-titled thread after another attacking Trump, all posted by the same small clique of indviduals. If Trump’s Internet monitors tell him that, he may decide then that the White Nationalist community hates him, and he’ll put us on his enemies list. (Trump wanted White Nationalists off the terrorist watch list as noted here by the way.)

What’s the positive side of alienating Trump? There isn’t any, not for the Alt-Right. But I’m sure the same individuals will continue to viciously attack Trump and post as much as they can to sour relations between the Alt-Right and Trump. A few may be misguided individuals, but most are paid trolls working for Soros, Hillary or other Deep State operations.


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