Will Hillary Be Going to Jail Soon?

by James Buchanan

According to sources here and here, shortly before the election, Hillary said “If that f–king Trump gets in the White House, we’re all going to the gallows!”

This is just one of many obscenity-laden outbursts from Hillary that the mainstream media covered up. This one is especially interesting because it gives a glimpse into the soul of Hillary and what she knows her fate could be without the usual System politicians in power to protect her.

An article from the Daily Caller reports “In July, James Comey decided not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of a private server in her home in Chappaqua, NY.”

“He did so on the grounds that her actions were not ‘grossly negligent’ which, according to the Espionage Act of 1917, would necesitate prosecution against the former Secretary of State. Instead, Comey characterized her actions as ‘extremely careless…’”

Only in Washington D.C. when Hillary Clinton is involved, do the expressions “grossly negligent” and “extremely careless” not mean the same thing.

Now that Comey has been shown the door, perhaps the long arm of the law may finally begin reaching in her direction.

Despite improving signs for the economy and a 70 percent drop in illegal immigration, there has been considerable disappointment over Paul Ryan’s budget deal that excluded all funding for Trump’s border wall until at least September.

Most of the people complaining about the delay in the border wall did absolutely nothing to replace the RINO Paul Ryan in his primary –except for Ann Coulter. She flew to Ryan’s Congressional district and gave a speech at a rally for Ryan’s primary opponent Paul Nehlen. If you want a revolution to be 100 percent successful, you shouldn’t fail to defeat System politicians, who will sabotage everything that they don’t like.

There is one way that Trump can make up for the failure to start building the border wall right away, and that would be to appoint a special prosecutor to start looking into the long list of felonies that Hillary Clinton has committed. The firing of James Comey is being seen as a possible first step toward locking her up. Comey was obviously being blackmailed into fumbling the ball on the one yard line. A new FBI director, who isn’t compromised, could find literally dozens of felonies that Hillary should have been charged with.

While the deliberate mishandling of classified information is one slam-dunk charge that should put Hillary in prison, the special prosecutor should include bribery charges related to the Clinton Foundation so that history officially records Hillary as a crook. If Hillary is only charged with violating national security law, she’ll claim it was just an “innocent” mistake. The documentary Clinton Cash goes into considerable detail about multi-million dollar bribes that the Clintons received while Hillary was secretary of state. Maybe the special prosecutor could play it at Hillary’s trial.


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