Illegal Alien Woman Holds Press Conference Scolding Trump, Gets Arrested by ICE

by James Buchanan

Yet another loud-mouth Social Justice Warrior has seen fit to scold the American public for daring to deport people, who were in the U.S. illegally. In this case, it was the daughter of illegal aliens from Argentina. She looks like a butch left-wing activist, who claims to be one of Obama’s “Dreamers” (–a name Obama arbitrarily made up for illegal alien children brought here by their illegal alien parents).

There was just one little problem for her: Donald Trump is president now, and after calling attention to herself, ICE agents arrested her and it looks like she’ll be joining her parents soon.

One news article reports “CBS affiliate WJTV reports that she discussed recent events involving her family. Her brother and father were arrested on February 15 after ICE agents came to their home, according to the station.”

“’Today, my father and brother await deportation while I continue to fight this battle as a DREAMer to help contribute to this country which I very much feel is my country,’ Vargas said, WJTV reported.”

“Vargas left Wednesday’s event in a friend’s car, Peterson said. They were pulled over minutes later by two ICE vehicles. Approximately four agents approached the vehicle and took Vargas into custody, according to Peterson.”

“Peterson has not seen nor spoken to her client, but has been told by ICE that Vargas is being held without bond and is being processed as a visa overstay.”

As a side note, Trump’s immigration policy involves deporting serious criminal aliens first so I wonder what sort of “business” her family was involved with. There’s no mention in the CBS article why her family made the top of the list.

I wonder if other mouthy illegal alien “Dreamers” will hold press conferences. Trump is under no obligation to continue Obama’s “Dreamer” policy so they could quickly discover they’re standing on legal quicksand. One thing’s for certain: We’re definitely not losing the “best and brightest” if we deport more people like her.


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