Is Emmanuel Macron Gay?

by James Buchanan

We already know about Emmanuel Macron’s extremely creepy relationship with a former school teacher. The teacher was 24 years older than Macron and married with three children. Macron apparently couldn’t care less that he was breaking up a White family at the age of 15. Nothing says hedonism like putting your momentary gratification ahead of the lives of five people.

Macron had been baptized a Catholic just three years earlier, which raises several questions such as: Why so late? Was there some other religious preference among one of his parents? Apparently his religious instruction was flawed or maybe he missed a few Sunday school classes because he apparently didn’t get the message about not committing adultery.

Macron’s rise in French politics appears eerily similar to the meteoric rise of Barack Obama in the U.S. Both of them had amazingly little on their resume’s and it was obvious that powerful globalist interests wanted both of them to become major political stars. Barack Obama has been described as a homosexual by a former classmate in Hawaii, Mia Pope. At first, it seems bizarre that someone ascending to a high political office would have a scandal this enormous in their closet until you realize that the puppet masters want their puppets to have scandals so that they can more tightly control them.

While some folks may try to dismiss the speculation about Macron being Gay, and most of the liberal media is ferociously denying this story, the top Google autocomplete for “Is Macron…” just happens to be “Is Macron Gay?”

An article in the Daily Mail reports “The current favourite to become the next president of France has been forced to deny rumours that he is enjoying an extra-marital gay affair with a high-profile media chief.”

“Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year-old former economy minister, has been rumoured to be seeing Mathieu Gallet, the 40-year-old boss of Radio France.”

“This is despite Mr Macron being married for the last decade to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 20 years older than him.”

Actually, his wife is over 24 years older than him as noted here. Macron married his school teacher when he was 29 and she was 53 in the year 2007. Today, Macron is 39 years old and his wife, 63.

Why would a 29 year old on the way up politically marry a 53 year old woman, unless perhaps it was to cover something up, such as him being Gay?

The Daily Mail continues “The Russian state news agency Sputnik has made allegations that Mr Macron is backed by a homosexual lobby.”

“They quoted French MP Nicolas Dhuicq, of the conservative Republican Party, saying: ‘Concerning his private life, it is becoming known….He is supported by a rich, gay lobby.’”

Macron went from filling out Excel spread sheets at the Rothschilds Bank to suddenly becoming a partner in a major business deal that put millions in his pocket. It seems as though Rothschilds was buying a future political candidate. I seriously doubt if Macron catapulted from doing work typical for a low-level clerk to partnering on an important major business deal by his own merits.

Macron appears to be a political chameleon trying to appeal to all sorts of different groups of people with bland platitudes. More insightful voters might want to ask questions like who is bankrolling this man? Most likely it’s the Globalists and Rothschilds, who made him a millionaire.

France should learn from the great mistake that America made with Barack Obama. Don’t buy into the young new candidate with the empty resume’. Such an individual is almost certainly a puppet of sinister forces that want to control your government from behind the scenes. Obama was a tool of the Globalists, and he squandered nearly a trillion dollars on TARP bail outs for Wall Street while ordinary Americans, who lost their jobs and couldn’t pay their mortgages were on their own.

France stands on the brink of cultural and ethnic extinction as invading Muslim hordes are threatening to end French civilization once and for all. This is not the time to trust the mystery man who worked for the Rothschilds.

Marine Le Pen has fought all her life for France, and France needs a patriot to save itself, not a Globalist stooge.


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