Alt Right to Trump: Build the Wall, Lock her Up and Drain the Swamp!

by James Buchanan

The history of politics is littered with the ruined careers of politicians, who didn’t “keep it simple” and keep their biggest campaign promises. The most famous example of this is the one-term president, George H.W. Bush, who thought he was too clever and sophisticated to keep his campaign promise: “Read my lips, no new taxes.” The voters however remembered and ran him out on a rail when reelection time came around.

No doubt, the Democrats swarmed around Bush the elder and flattered him and convinced him that he was doing the “right” thing by breaking his promise. It didn’t help that Bush was a Republican In Name Only (RINO) and a member of all the treason organizations including the CFR, Trilateralists and Bilderbergers.

If a budget is passed without money for the Border Wall in it, that will be a huge victory for the Democrats. They will appear to be victorious in their efforts to protect illegals aliens and to leave the Southern Border unprotected. Building the wall isn’t something that’s optional or something that can be delayed by six months. The fact that it hasn’t started in the first 100 days is already looking bad.

Rush Limbaugh described the failure to get funds for the Border Wall as “caving” to the Democrats.

Ann Coulter, who made the blueprint for Trump’s successful presidential campaign by using the illegal alien problem, wrote in a recent article: “If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency, there’s no point in ever voting for a Republican again.”

“Not only is there no funding for a wall, but — thanks to the deft negotiating skills of House Speaker Paul Ryan — the bill actually prohibits money from being spent on a wall.”

Trump owes his election to the Alt-Right along with Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Trump needs to listen to his base, who want him to keep his promises. Building the wall is a top priority. Failing to build the wall or even delaying it by six months is caving to the Democrats, RINOs and Globalists.

The failure to prosecute Hillary for her prolific bribe-taking and other crimes is a sign to Americans that the swamp has won. If you’re sparing Hillary because Ivanka is good friends with Chelsea, you can’t let that stand in the way of justice. Chelsea can always visit her mom in prison.

Draining the swamp should mean no Globalists in the Trump administration, including any liberal son-in-laws, named Kushner. It should also mean that pedophiles in Congress don’t get a free pass, but instead go directly to federal prison. James Comey should be fired immediately for his failure to prosecute Hillary for deliberately mishandling classified material as Secretary of State, and a new FBI director, who isn’t controlled by the Deep State needs to be appointed.

Trump can continue to take bad advice from Globalist plutocrats and he can bring the loathsome liberal Jared Kushner into his inner circle and push out the patriot Steve Bannon, but he will put himself squarely on the path to a one-term presidency even if he adds a few jobs and bombs a few bad guys overseas. Trump was elected to build the wall, lock her up and drain the swamp. If he doesn’t think doing those three things is important, then maybe reelecting Trump is not that important either.

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