French Patriot, Marine LePen Makes it to Run-Off Election

by James Buchanan

The best hope for stopping the Muslim take-over of France, Marine LePen has made it to the run-off election.

A BBC news article reports “With 96% of votes counted from Sunday’s first round, Mr Macron has 23.9% with Ms Le Pen on 21.4%.”

“Opinion polls have consistently predicted Mr Macron defeating his rival in the run-off.”

And those opinion polls should be believed about as much as all the polls showing Hillary ten points ahead of Trump.

The article continues “The two fought off a strong challenge from centre-right François Fillon and hard-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon.”

“Whoever wins the second round, the voting marks a shift away from the decades-long dominance of leftist and centre-right parties in French politics.”

“While Ms Le Pen has long been seen as likely to make the second round, Emmanuel Macron’s rise has been swift.”

Emanuel Macron appears to be a very-polished System candidate much like Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush. If Macron wins the election, one thing is certain: NOTHING WILL CHANGE. The Globalists will remain firmly in control of France. More Muslim rapists from North Africa will be allowed to invade. French women will be forced to wear burqas if they want to avoid being gang-raped in French cities. Thousands of years of French culture will be quietly erased as the Islamic invasion continues.

Frankly, the initial election results are suspicious. I’d expect LePen to have done much better considering that the extinction of French culture and the French people should be more important than any other issue by far.

Let’s hope LePen has exit pollers to make sure the System candidate doesn’t steal the election.

One source notes “In July 2016, at the first meeting of En Marche!, Macron expressed opposition to the ban on Muslim headscarves in universities, stating, “Personally, I do not believe we should be inventing new texts, new laws, new standards, in order to hunt down veils at universities…”

So it appears as though Macron couldn’t care less about France transforming very visibly into a Third World Country.

Frankly, the real issue shouldn’t be the head scarves or burqas; the real issue should be the presence of Third World people who want to wear burqas!!!

That same source continues “Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years older than him[78] and was his teacher in La Providence high school in Amiens. They first met when he was a 15-year-old student in her class, but were only officially a couple once he was 18… They live with Trogneux’s three children from her previous marriage.”

So Macron continues to be in an extremely creepy relationship with his former school teacher that started when he was 15. Is this yet another attempt by the Globalists to “normalize” pedophilia?

Notice that Macron has no children of his own, only the three children that his school teacher had from a previous marriage. This is setting about as bad an example for the future of his country as Jeb Bush, who married a four foot tall Mexican goblin and had three half-breed kids with her.

If the French people want their country to survive, they have only one choice in the run off election: Marine LePen. Otherwise, it will be burqas, Muslim rape gangs and Sharia Law for the future of what-used-to-be France.


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